MLM Advertising Overview

MLM Advertising OverviewReady for an MLM Advertising Overview? It’s time to learn the basics. The reason you are reading this is because you want to build your business. You hope that mlm advertising can help you generate more qualified leads. You are on the right track but there are some things to learn if you want to experience real mlm success.

Did you know that not all advertising is the same? Let’s start our mlm advertising overview by highlighting the different type of advertising. They are:

The Bribe, The Invite, and The Interrupt.

The Bribe is when you incentivize someone to view your ads. An example would be Safelists, and Traffic Exchanges. The idea being that other participants (other advertisers) earn credits by viewing your ads. They can then use those credits to run their ads. This form of advertising can be effective but you need to really develop your skills.

The people clicking your ad from these sites are not actually interested in your offer. They are trying to earn credits to promote their own offer. But if your offer is well crafted, you can get results. A well crafted ad can turn a bribed visitor in to an interested prospect.

The Invite is any type of advertising where someone makes a conscious and intentional effort to view your offer. They are “invited” when they see your ad. Your ad may be a banner ad, or a text ad. The ad could appear on a blog, a forum, in a newspaper, etc… When someone clicks your ad, they are responding to your invite to learn more. This is typically the most effective form of advertising. The reason someone clicked your ad is because they WANTED to learn more about your offer.

The numbers will not typically be as high as some of the other forms of advertising but these are typically the most targeted and qualified prospects you can get. They see your ad when they are reading something that interests them or they are actively searching for the information that your ad has to offer. A good example is our MLM Advertising right here on our blog. See those banners on the side of the page? When someone is interested in learning more about any of these offers, they just click the banner to see more.

Visitors are on this blog reading information (like you reading this article) because they WANT to learn more about network marketing. Your challenge is to create an ad that makes people WANT to click so they can visit your capture page and request more information.

The Interrupt is when someone doesn’t take any action to view your offer but your offer is displayed to them anyway. Examples of this type of advertising would include pop-ups, exit pops, etc… This form of advertising is the least effective advertising because you are literally disrupting someone’s intended flow to put your offer in front of them when they did not ask for it. The traffic is typically not targeted. There are actually companies whose product line  is specifically designed to block this form of advertising.

Each of these advertising methods can be effective. This MLM Advertising Overview is designed to help you make the most of each form of advertising to generate targeted mlm leads for your offer every single day.

Chapter 1: MLM Advertising Overview
Chapter 2: Should You Advertise Your MLM Business Online?
Chapter 3: How To Get Sales With Advertising
Chapter 4: Wondering Where To Advertise?
Chapter 5: How To Write Headlines That Sell
Chapter 6: Now The Sales Process Begins


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