Wondering Where To Advertise?

where to advertiseWhere to advertise is an important decision. The right ad in the right spot can bring you a lot of sales. The wrong ad in the right spot might actually work for you. The wrong ad in the wrong spot means wasted time, wasted money, and no sales.

When people ask me where to advertise, I ask them who their target market is. Another way to ask is, “Who is most likely to buy from you?”. Network marketers like to say, “Everybody needs this product!”. But if you really want success, deciding where to advertise to reach your best potential customers or team members is an important part of the process.

How do you identify your target market? Start by identifying what you sell. Then figure out where your best customers are likely to be.

As an example, if you are involved with network marketing, it makes sense to put your ads in front of people interested in network marketing. This is why advertising with us at The Online Ad Network can be so effective when you put all the components together.

If you sell fishing gear, advertising on a web site or blog that focuses on fishing, boats, tackle, excursions, etc… might be a good call for you.

If you sell recipes, advertising on food blogs would be a good place to start.

The internet gives you access to countless web sites focused on a wide variety of interests, hobbies, involvements, businesses, etc… The key to deciding where to advertise is to look at the sites, blogs, forums that are related to your product or service and decide if your ideal customer can be found there. If you believe they can, advertise. Start small, then ramp up as you get good responses.

Chapter 1: MLM Advertising Overview
Chapter 2: Should You Advertise Your MLM Business Online?
Chapter 3: How To Get Sales With Advertising
Chapter 4: Wondering Where To Advertise?
Chapter 5: How To Write Headlines That Sell
Chapter 6: Now The Sales Process Begins


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