Should You Advertise Your MLM Online?

should you Advertise Your MLM OnlineShould you advertise your mlm online? The answer is, actually, “yes … and no”. There is actually a way that is more productive than what most people are doing. Let me explain.

Most people, when advertising their mlm business, just throw up banners or text ads with the company name and some sort of almost “too good to be true” claim. That claim might be about possible income or the benefits of their product or service.

If you want to experience success when you advertise your mlm online, you will want to develop better habits.

The same thing happens with billboard advertising, newspaper advertising, and direct mail. Much of the advertising I see completely misses the mark. What is the mark? BENEFITS! Your ad should be SCREAMING at anybody that sees it,

“Hey! I Can Help You! Here’s How!”

So … Should You Advertise Your MLM Online?

Can you help people? Can you show people how you can help them? If so, then, absolutely! Just make sure that is the focus of your advertising.

If you are promoting XYZ Company that offers a weight loss or nutrition system, your ad shouldn’t say “Join XYZ Now!“. A better idea would be, “Looking to shed those extra pounds for your trip to the beach? Let me help!

The first thing you should notice is that there is no mention of “XYZ Company”. When you advertise your mlm online, your ad should be building the brand of YOU and what you can do for people.

Any time someone is searching online, they are typically searching for something they are already interested in. They are looking to solve a problem, find an answer, or be entertained. They are not looking for a company name. They are looking for a benefit. Show them how you can benefit them.

Another big mistake I see is ads that go directly to a sales page or directly to a compensation plan page. I have NEVER seen this type of advertising work. I see a LOT of people doing it. Where should people go to when they click your ad?

When Someone Clicks Your Ad
They Should Go To Your Capture Page!

A good capture page offers the visitor an incentive to request more information. When they do, they are giving you a chance to actually build some rapport and show your prospect how you can actually HELP them.

As you begin building rapport through your follow up letters and showing them the benefit of working with you or how your product/service can HELP them, THEN you can invite them to order, join, etc…


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