How To Fail at Network Marketing

Fail at Network MarketingEvery day, I actually see folks who seem to WANT to fail at network marketing. What do I mean by “want to fail at network marketing”? Let me explain.

I believe that when most people join any network marketing company, they have at least a hope that they can succeed. They join because they are drawn to the idea that they can create additional income or maybe even replace their job income. Some want to shoot for the stars and others just want to try to make things better.

So, what happens between sign up and eventually just quitting? There are a number of things that I have seen over the years. They include:

Clicking “Join” Is The Last Action They Actually Take

I have seen this one, a LOT. Somebody signs up and then … just does nothing. They may “intend to”. They may “plan to”. But, they never actually do. I have to chuckle when they say, “I joined 3 months ago and got no results. That’s why I’m quitting”. The reason they got no results is … they took no action. Pretty simple stuff.

They Don’t Plug Themselves In To Training

Without exception, every time I see a new distributor that says, “Oh, I don’t need all that stuff. Just watch me do my thing. I got this”. I just know … they won’t last 90 days. And, they don’t. One of the hardest things for people new to the industry is the realization that their traditional job skills won’t be of much use in the world of owning and building your own business.

When you start a new job, you expect to get some training so you can learn and do the job well.

Your business success will require some training. And, it just makes sense to get that training from people who are achieving the kind of results you want. The training you get in your network marketing business could pay you MUCH better than any job you’ve ever had. So, my advice: GET THE TRAINING!

Setbacks Completely Derail Them When the company experiences a challenge, or two, or three … Or when a new distributor quits, complains, causes a problem, this person just gives up and stops building.

Setbacks and challenges are a fact of life in any business. Recently, someone told me, “I’m quitting because nobody stays.”. Just think about that for a minute. You quit because they quit. Leaders simply do not quit. They let others quit and they just keep building.

In my own business, I have people quit. I wish them well, and I just keep building. If you want to succeed in network marketing, you have to start thinking like the lion. They don’t let sheep persuade them at any time. They are too busy being lions.

If you have been guilty of any of these, did you really fail in network marketing? In my own opinion, you just learned some things that won’t work. I don’t believe anyone really wants to fail. Sometimes, we just get derailed, discouraged, and lose our steam. It happens to everyone. The key is to get back in there, learn the new habits, and build your business.

Check out these tips for success in network marketing:

7 Tips for Success In Network Marketing

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