MLM Doesn’t Work

mlm doesn't workYes… you read that right. The guy that runs the MLM Advertising site said, “MLM doesn’t work”. And, here is why I say it: MLM Doesn’t Work!

I mean, sure… there are people all over the world that have created 5, 6, even 7- figure monthly incomes in MLM, and even they agree with the title of this post.

Sounds like a crazy thing for a MLM Professional to day, doesn’t it? While I personally know and have been coached by some amazing leaders in the world of MLM, I have also met a lot of people who just didn’t get results.

I’ve met people who told me, “I lost all my money.”

I’ve met people who told me, “MLM destroyed my marriage.”

I’ve met people who told me all sort of ways to prove mlm doesn’t work. And, some of those stories are pretty bad.

I have also met people who have built amazing incomes in MLM without having to lie, steal, or manipulate anyone.

So, what is the difference between those who make money in MLM and those who do not?

It could be any number of things, really.

Businesses fail and businesses thrive. That doesn’t mean that business doesn’t work. Some just do better than others.

I know musicians who play quite well and plenty of people who can’t really play. That doesn’t mean music school or lessons don’t work. Some just do better than others.

So, let’s look at a few scenarios:

Imaging you are seated with someone who is clearly overweight. They eat poorly. They drink heavily. They don’t get any exercise. They say to you, “Man, some guy tried to sell me one of those fitness programs. Those things don’t work.”

If you’re like me, your first thought might be, “Dude … TRY it!

And, let’s say he buys the program. It comes with DVD’s, some tools for working out, some eating plan information, and motivational tips, along with some incredible success stories complete with before and after photos.

In MOST cases, when that package gets delivered, it stays unopened on the shelf.

In SOME cases, the package might get opened. The person says, “I should do this”. And, they stop.

In a few cases, the package gets opened and the person tries a few things. They get busy. They get distracted. They give up.

In VERY few cases, the package gets opened and the person tries a few things. They stay moderately consistent. They get some results. They get excited. Then … the get distracted. Something keeps them from using the system. They give up.

In VERY VERY few cases, the package gets ripped open, the person dives in to the system. They follow through. They commit. They start getting results. They stay with it. They get more results. Maybe it takes months or even years, but their fitness improves. Their health improves. Their lives improve as they experience the sense of accomplishment and begin to wonder what else they can get done.

MLM works pretty much the same way. Here is my basic philosophy: If someone else has done it … YOU can do it.

But, the realities of the MLM Industry (if you have chosen a good solid company with real products or service and a strong leadership team), are this:

The new distributor signs up. They are excited or apprehensive but they were willing to sign up.

In far too many cases, clicking “Join” or “Sign up” is the last thing they actually do. They don’t get in to the training. They don’t follow the system. They don’t get results and they say, “MLM Doesn’t Work“.

Some take a look at the system, sort of think about what might be possible if they get things done, and then … they go back to their previous habits and take no action.

Some take a look, do a few things to “check it out”, but when the money doesn’t punch them in the mouth on the way to the bank, they give up.

Some take it at least moderately seriously. They get some training. They take a few steps. They experience a few results. They think, “Well, maybe this isn’t so bad. I enjoy the extra income and I really like the benefit I get from using the products or services.”.

A few go “all-in” and do the work required. They have a big vision. They take big action. They experience setbacks. They have people lie to them. “Sure,  I’ll take a look”. They have people quit. We all experience it. They experience some success and keep building on that success. They stay focused. They push through the setbacks and disappointments because they believe in their own possibilities. They grow. They learn. They build an income. Maybe they fire their boss. Maybe they become wildly rich.

Try to tell that last group that MLM doesn’t work. They’ll actually agree with you. They will say, “You’re right. MLM doesn’t work. I did the work. MLM just gave me the vehicle to get the results.”.

MLM is a road map and a system that is used, globally, by millions of people. Some just want access to the products or services (customers). Some just want to add a little extra income to their lives. Some want to plan for retirement, take more vacations, or eliminate debt. Others want to get rich. MLM makes all of that available. MLM doesn’t work. But, if YOU do the work, you can expect success.





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