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Top 10 NBA Ankle Breakers from March 2014

Excellence comes FROM and AFTER hard work! Every successful business person knows what every successful athlete knows. If you want to succeed, you are going to have to put in the work to develop the tools that will give you the competitive edge. This is a great example of some NBA players who have put […]

Why I Chose A Home Based Business

People are often asking me why I don’t get a “regular job”. I could go on and on about freedom, the option to set my own schedule, the possibility of creating an incredible amount of income, and they would all be really good points. I really like sleeping when I get sleepy, waking up when […]

Why Network Marketing?

Why Should You Consider Network Marketing? Network Marketing is gaining acceptance on an unprecedented scale. Major corporations are adopting the network marketing distribution model. Why? Because it works! Still, the term “MLM” (which stand for Multi-Level Marketing) still conjures up images of pyramids, words like “scheme” or “scam”, and stories of someone’s uncle/friend/brother who “got […]