How To Succeed With TOAN and online advertising.

BrianRooneyI am very excited that you have joined us here at The Online Ad Network (TOAN). I put this system together to help us all accomplish a few simple yet powerful goals:

1) Promote your primary business.
2) Create another income stream.

We have network marketers, affiliate marketers, consultants, service providers and more using this service every single day to advertise their offers. And, of course, we have members getting paid every single day thanks to a simple and powerful pay plan. We are delivering over a million online ad exposures every single day to visitors from around the world.

There is no denying that I am just crazy excited about how we are able to promote our primary businesses AND generate additional income in the process. It’s such a simple concept and I love hearing from our members when they experience success with new leads, more exposure, and affiliate income. Who doesn’t love waking up to a notification that they received a new request from a prospect that saw their ad? And who doesn’t love seeing new income showing up?

What I want to talk about in this article today is just some straight-talk about how to make the most of your account with us. I’m going to give you some straight forward, no nonsense talk about how to succeed with our system. This information can really be applied to any network marketing opportunity, home based business, affiliate marketing system that you are involved with, of course, but I am going to be focusing specifically on what we do here at TOAN and showing you some of the realities and keys to success.

Keys to online advertising: 

Advertising is really pretty straight forward. It’s not magic and will require a bit of thinking, testing, and planning. But when you get it right, the impact on your business can be undeniable. So here are a few articles that I highly recommend you review to help you make the most of your advertising with us here at TOAN and anywhere else you are advertising:

Keys to success with network marketing:

This part may not be so much fun to read for some folks but I want to be clear. If you are going to succeed with any network marketing business, including TOAN, you need to understand a few basic concepts and recognize that some things are going to happen as you build. They happen to us all.

  • Not everybody succeeds. I wholly believe that anybody and everybody CAN succeed in this industry. But far too many people get involved without the proper training and they don’t learn the basic skills that will help them create success. You really do have to enter any network marketing opportunity with the expectation that there will be things to learn. In our case, you should expect to spend a little time learning about advertising by reviewing the articles above, AND expect to put in a little work learning how to get people involved with us here at TOAN.
  • People will quit. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? But get used to the fact that people do quit. I will  often have someone ask, “What do I do when someone quits?”. My only answer is always the same: “Wish them well and go get the next one.”. In our case, here at TOAN, I see each cancellation that happens. Part of our process requires that we go through and delete their Ad Control Panel so that their ads stop displaying. Here are the things I see all the time:
    • NO advertising set up. Now, I’m not trying to pick on anyone but if you are going to be paying for an advertising system, it just makes sense to set up some ads. The ONLY way your ads have a chance of working for you is if you set them up. Sounds simple, but we have folks that actually miss this point. Then they complain about “no results”, blame us, and cancel.
    • NO click-throughs. When this happens, a lot of times advertisers will ask me why they aren’t getting clicks on their ads. It’s a fair question, but I’m not the one to ask. This is where we have to get real honest with ourselves and start doing some split-run testing (refer to above articles). I’m not any smarter than the next guy. I will have ads that get zero clicks from time to time, myself. It happens to us all. My only solution is to run some split-run testing which helps me find out how to improve my click-through rates. When I get the ad narrowed down to the format that gets the most clicks, that is the ad I stick with. When ad responses drop off, which they will do, I start testing again.
    • Not everybody succeeds. Some folks are just looking for a quick-fix. It happens. And these are the folks that will quit if they don’t see what they believe to be fast results. A little bit of straight talk: If you do not already have your own lists, good solid credibility and experience, your results will be slower than the person that has spent years building their lists and credibility. When I started, I had no list, no experience, and no credibility. After 15 years as a full-time online marketer, I have all 3 now. It really took me about a year of just grinding it out to build all 3. I knew the year was going to go by anyway, so I decided to spend the year building something that would help me get where I wanted to be. So I just kept moving forward. I learned everything I could and I’m still learning. (That’s a clue). Be prepared to learn new things and grow. Be prepared to lose those that will not learn and grow.
  • People will lie. You will have people make all sorts of promises about how they are going to “blow it up”, “fill your matrix if you …. ” and stuff like that. I’ve heard it for years. In 15 years, every time someone has told me they are going to fill up their matrix, reach the big goals, etc… not one of them has actually done it. The folks that actually build and have achieved some great goals are never spending time talking to me about it. They are just doing it. And they are showing their team how to do it. That is why they succeed.

Now all of that sounds a little depressing. But the key is to simply recognize that this stuff is going to happen and keep moving forward. All we can do is work with and build with those who stay with the system and work with us. I used to spend time trying to convince people to not quit, or just do a little more, or just do this or that … I don’t do that any more. I look for people who are ready to learn what needs to be learned, do what is instructed, and stick with it long enough to get solid results. By doing this, I find myself spending time with people who are actually ready to work with me. It makes things so much easier on everyone involved.

That doesn’t mean I won’t encourage someone to do a little more, try this or that approach, but I only do that when they have shown me that they are willing to do what is being instructed.  You can’t “teach” someone out of their own laziness. But if they are ready to learn and do the work, you can teach them how to go further. One of my own qualifiers for folks is that if they are asking me questions that have already been answered, it usually means they are not being “teachable” and are looking for someone to do it for them. But if they are taking in the existing training and asking for some fine tuning along the way, that’s a different conversation altogether.

My goal with this article is to help you understand that these things do happen to us all. There is no way to prevent them from happening. People are going to quit. They are going to not follow through. They are going to want you to do it for them. My advice is to just focus on building and send your time working with those who are building with you. That and some patience is how these folks became our Top Income Producers.

To make it happen for you, I highly recommend the following article that helps you lock down the keys to success with the TOAN income plan:

Using Math To Create Wealth



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Online Advertising – No Magic Involved

BrianRooneyI keep seeing a disturbing trend showing up that is really starting to bother me. There are a lot of people out there that think “online advertising” simply means you throw up an ad and then money just starts flowing in to your accounts. That would make things much easier but it simply isn’t how this online advertising (or any advertising) actually works.

I can understand it to a degree because it seems like a lot of people are making it look that way. I see so many ads and posts from folks that make it look like all they did to create massive wealth is run some banner ads, post on social media, and the money just started washing through their kitchen. I think it’s important that we take a moment to understand what advertising really is.

The simplest way I can explain it is to think of “advertising” as “exposure”. Your ad’s first objective is to expose your offer, information, product, service, or benefit to potential prospects. The really good ads we see not only “expose” but “engage” us so that we want to learn more. This is a good ad: The one that engages you in some way so that you want to learn more.

Think about all those billboard ads you see when you drive. Of the dozens or more you may see on your drive, maybe ONE of them captures your attention in some way.

Think about all those direct mail pieces you probably throw away. Direct mail is tough because if the envelope itself doesn’t capture your attention in some way, you are probably just throwing the mail piece in the trash.

Think about those television ads you see when you are watching your favorite shows. Most of the time, you probably mute the TV and/or head to the kitchen for a snack, check your phone for messages, that sort of thing. But every once in a while, a commercial captures your attention because it is funny, crazy, or maybe even interesting.

Think about the online ads you see, such as the ads right here on this post, on your Facebook profile, in your emails, etc… Those advertisers are trying to get your attention. Most of them fail, don’t they? But some succeed. Some of them actually catch your attention.

So the first thing is, of course, to get your ads up and out there so they can expose your offer.

But we can also see that you need to make sure your ad is interesting and relevant enough to capture your prospects’ attention.

The next step is to make sure your ad lets prospects know how to learn more. We call this the “Call To Action”. Make sure your ads include a call to action so that those prospects who are interested will know what to do next so they can learn more. Your call to action might be something like “Call now: 555.555.5555″ or “Click here” or “Come See Us Now” …

I’ve seen dead ad campaigns start pulling in strong results with a simple call to action!

The final step to successful advertising is REPETITION. Once the ad layout and/or copy is done … Once you know your call to action is clear … Once you know the ad is getting responses via split-run testing … it is time to repeat, repeat, and repeat some more. This means running your ads with the most exposures you can get. This means your ad is being shown over and over and over again so that interested prospects can take action to learn more about your offer.

When you really look at it, there is no “magic” involved. The process itself is really fairly boring. You are simply creating the ad, setting it up to test response rates, making adjustments and testing again, and then … once the results are coming in … you are launching your advertising campaign on a larger scale.

Forget about the idea that all it takes to be successful with online advertising is to throw up a few ads and wait for the money to come in. Prospects become more familiar and comfortable with you when they see your ads over and over again. After a number of exposures, THEN they may take action to learn more.

My recommendation is that you send prospects to a capture page rather than a sales page but that is an article for another blog post.

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Why a Home Based Business Makes Sense … for YOU!

BrianRooneyHere is what I am not going to do: Give you a bunch of over-inflated hype about home based businesses. I simply believe that a home based business makes absolute dollars and sense for you. No doubt you’ve seen a lot of ads promising you that a home based business is the “magic button” to unlimited wealth. And I’ve met a lot of very wealthy people over the years. In this case, “wealthy” means anywhere from 5 figure monthly income to millions in annual income. These folks are out there and they are real. They didn’t find that magic button. They worked their backsides off and earned that level of income. And yes, I know that level of income is available for those who are ready to learn the skills to make it happen.

What I want to talk with you about, today, is why I think a home based business makes sense for you even at the level where you may just bring in a few hundred extra dollars per month or a few thousand. And I want to give you some real world examples. I won’t be sharing any names but the stories I will share with you are 100% real and very “real-world”.

A young lady I know recently was unable to work in her regular job due to breaking a wrist. Fortunately, she has some friends and family available to help but the stress of watching her income simply dry up in a split-second was very stressful. Fortunately, she had a home based business running on the side that was bringing her a little bit of income on the side. This income helps to bridge the gap while her bone heals until she can get back to work.

A man I know was recently laid off from one of those “good stable jobs” people are always talking about. This was, in fact, the 2nd time he was laid off in the past few years. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a home based business and there has been no income on the side coming in to help him and his family through the transition.

A number of my friends are facing the realities of life moving on as we get older. They are finding that it is more difficult to perform some of those jobs we all did so powerfully when we were younger. They grow tired easier. They want and need to take a little more time off but can’t afford to do to. Life continues on, bills continue to come in. But some of my friends are learning the hard way it would have been a really good idea to have a little home based business on the side to give them a little more comfort as they approach what they were told would be “the golden years”.

My own experience with running home based businesses is that I was able to be with my children and be present throughout their life events. When our family faced cancer, I was able to be present with my wife through the entire process including all the doctor visits, surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments, and her unfortunate demise when she passed. You can believe that my efforts, energies, and intentions were all about being there with her through this process; not about “getting rich”.

My hope was, of course, that she would win. She did not. I will always remember our years together very fondly and I will be forever grateful that I never had to miss an appointment or an opportunity to just kiss her and hold her hand due to going to a regular job. My home based business made that available to me.

Work is honorable. If you are working, I honor you and encourage you to be grateful and do your job well. But the idea that the traditional plan of working a “good job” for 40 years and then being able to count on retirement is quickly proving to be an unrealized fantasy for far too many people.

I encourage you to begin looking for a home based business you can build on the side while you have a job. If you find that your home based business outpaces your job income, then you can do what I did and fire your boss. Or you may want to keep your job and use that home based business income to pay down debt, set aside money for retirement, take a few trips, etc… The good news is that a little extra money on the side can give you the option!

Take a moment or two to review some of the ads right here on this site. You may find some business ideas that interest you. You can click any ad to learn more and then feel free to ask questions of the advertiser. Part of their job is to help you get the information you need to make a good decision for you and your future.

About The Author:


Brian Rooney is a home based business professional since the year 2000. He enjoys playing bass in the Houston area and teaching people around the world how to build their own home based businesses.

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