Unlimited Ads Definition

work from homeWith The Online Ad Network (TOAN), our goal is to provide you with a powerful advertising system that allows you to run and track your ads for maximum impact. We have not been putting a hard limit on the number of ads an advertiser can run so that you will be able to conduct split-run testing to make sure you are getting the most advertising bang for your dollar.

Unfortunately we have run across some advertisers who have made a point of running thousands of duplicate ads which causes a number of problems for us and our other advertisers.

Our unlimited ads policy applies to unique ads. We no longer allow duplicate ads in the system.

While we recognize that this may be undesirable for some advertisers, we want to stress that the reason for this change is to help you make sure your advertising is genuinely effective. Running 1,000 duplicate ads gives you virtually zero chance of fine-tuning your ads for maximum effect and slows down our servers. The loss of efficiency and lack of meaningful stats is a bad trade for us and for our advertisers. Running hundreds or thousands of duplicate ineffective ads also creates a lower quality experience for our web site visitors.

We anticipate this change will affect very few of our advertisers as most advertisers do not waste their time loading hundreds or even thousands of duplicate ads. If you have any questions, do feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket in your back office.

We are in the process of locating and removing duplicate ads from the system. In those cases where duplicate ads are found, we will remove all duplicates and retain only the ad that has click-throughs for your reporting.

To  make the most of your advertising, be sure to run split-run tests to determine your best possible ad version.


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Minimum Wage Rage

work from home

The minimum wage debate continues to rage

It’s all over Facebook and other social media, on the news, in the papers, and being discussed around the table.

I have no problem with people wanting to earn more than minimum wage. My question is simply this:

WHY oh WHY do people constantly do a job that is worth $7.50 an hour and then demand that they be paid more?!? (We’ll leave the part about how they barely perform at a $7.50 an hour level out of the discussion).

If YOU are worth more than your job, you’ve got some decisions to make. You can get a different job OR … add a side business where you actually have the opportunity to earn what YOU are worth instead of allowing someone to pay you based on what the job is worth to them.

Face the facts: A JOB is where someone pays you based on what the JOB is worth to them as a company. That’s just a bottom line fact. No business is going to pay someone more than the job is worth and stay in business for long. You don’t want to pay more for your car just because the car company feels they should get more. You don’t want to pay more at the restaurant. You don’t want to pay more for your clothes if you can avoid doing so.

Remember when you went to the store and found a $100 shirt for $15? That’s what your employer did with you. They got a $100 employee for $7.50 because you agreed to the $7.50

You bargain shop. So did your employer.

Employees do not get paid what THEY are worth. They get paid what the JOB is worth to their employer.

If you want more, you can (and should) earn more. I support your right to earn more! But you need to create more value than $7.50 per hour if you want to receive more than $7.50 an hour. You’re not going to do that dunking chicken nuggets in hot grease and pushing a timer button.

If you really believe YOU are worth more than the wage you are getting at your job (and I believe many employees are), DO SOMETHING about it. Stop expecting a job designed for a high school student to provide a wage sufficient to support a family. That’s not what that job is for.

Get a different job or start a business that allows you to earn more based on the value you provide to the market place. I’m not saying that because I believe it’s easy to go get another job. I know people struggle with finding jobs. I’m simply pointing out that there are options if you are willing to put in the work required.

If you need to learn more to get that done, start learning! This is the information age and there is a TON of information available to those who are willing to look for it, study it, and apply it.

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Work From Home Reality

work from homeWhen I tell people I work from home, I get responses that range from “I wish I could do that” to “I could never do that”.

Typically, I like to talk with that first group because I can teach them how to do it if they really want to learn. The next group? Well, there isn’t really much to talk about.

A recent article on Forbes.com revealed that working from home is growing in popularity at a starting rate.

“Global Workplace Analytics, an organization that studies and promotes flexible work situations and telecommuting, reports that telecommuting has grown almost 80% from 2005 to 2012 across sectors such as state government (122% growth), non-profit (87%), for-profit (70%) and local government (62%).”

So, I got to wondering about the different types of industries, other than direct selling or affiliate marketing, where people can work from home.

Here is what I found:

Writers work from home.
Consultants work from home.
Customer Service Reps work from home.
Sales representatives work from home.
Engineers work from home.
Account Executives and Managers work from home.
Software developers work from home.
Case Managers work from home.

This list could go on and on. Check the Forbes link above for more. My point is that working from home and telecommuting are growing in popularity.

The times, they are changing!

Maybe now is the time for you to consider working from home, either as a telecommuter or as a home based business professional.

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Being a Musician with a Home Based Business

work from homeMost folks I know don’t ask me why I started a home based business anymore. Most of the folks who know me have known me long enough and we are (most of us) old enough to understand why someone would make the decision to start and run a home based business rather than do the “9 to 5 grind” for 40 years.

Running a home based business doesn’t come with guarantees, of course, but when it’s done right, you don’t have to worry about things like getting laid off, having someone else keep you from rising up the ladder, asking for a raise, asking for time off, trying to get off early enough to make the gig, etc…

For me, running a home based business was and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. When my kids were young, running my home based business meant I could be involved in their lives. It meant we could take family vacations together, pretty much any time we wanted. Not only did I not have to miss school events, plays, recitals, basketball games, and volleyball games; but I was actually able to play in some of the recitals with my daughter and coach basketball with my sons. Those are memories that can never be replaced.

When my wife became ill, the creation of residual income through my home based business meant I was able to focus on her and tend to her without having to run out on her during a chemo treatment or surgery because some nagging boss was holding my weekly (or is it “weakly”) paycheck over my head.

She ultimately lost the battle to cancer and is sorely missed by us all. But the joy of the memories we created is a beautiful thing. There are tears but so many smiles. I am so grateful to have had 27 beautiful years with an amazing and powerful woman. And I am incredibly grateful that having a home based business allowed us to enjoy our time together.

These days, my kids are grown and they have all moved out on their own. We are still very close, geographically and emotionally, and we love to get together as often as possible. Some of them even have their own home based businesses and my oldest is an aspiring and talented drummer.

These days, I now find myself more aggressively pursuing my love of playing music.

I’m a bass player in the Houston area and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to play with various bands and artists around town. Playing music lets me scratch that “artistic” itch in a way nothing else can. If you are a musician, I know you understand.

As I write this post, I am getting ready for a gig. Earlier today, the thought occurred to me that while I am on the gig, the income from my home based businesses will continue to flow. Leads will continue to be generated online, and folks from around the world will continue to learn about and potentially order from these businesses.

Having a home based business, for me, really is a great way to do life. Many musicians I know are in an “either/or” situation. They are making money with a job OR a gig. This means they are either making money while on the clock for a boss OR they are making money while on a gig with a band. Quite often, they punch in at work in the morning and then punch out (stop getting paid) to go set up for a gig.

Work is honorable and I admire anyone that is able to keep that sort of schedule. Some musicians are I know are absolutely hard workers. They hold down a full time job AND work in booking and playing with their bands. It’s an impressive work ethic but I really don’t like that both forms of income are completely linear. To make money on a job, you have to physically be at the job. To make money on a gig, you have to physically be at the gig. It’s exhausting!

Most of us play music because we just love it and cannot even imagine what life would be like without music. Sometimes, we get paid pretty well on the gig. Most times, we all kind of chuckle when we get paid and laugh (or cry) about how the pay scale for  local musicians hasn’t really increased since the mid 1970’s. Then … after we laugh … we sigh and think about that reality for just a moment. And that makes me even more grateful for a home based business.

I truly wish everyone I know would start up at least some sort of home based business on the side. Musicians, we all know how crazy the gig life can be. Some months are great. Some months are lean. We will keep gigging no matter what. We just love it. So, it really make sense in my book to use at least some of those day time hours and some of those off-night hours to build up some sort of sideline residual income through a home based business, doesn’t it?

Brian Rooney





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Work From Home Struggles

BrianRooneyI could relate to so many of these points, I really just had to share this article that so accurately describes the Work From Home struggles we face when we take on the home based business way of doing things.

From dress code issues to changes in our social lives, every home based entrepreneur can relate to these challenges.

And, yes … it is from Playboy. And yes… I did just read the article!

Here it is: http://www.playboy.com/articles/12-struggles-only-people-who-work-from-home-truly-understand

See how many of these you can relate to!













Got more you can relate to in your own home based business? Share!

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Online MLM Lead Generation

online mlm lead generationIf you’ve been around MLM or network marketing for any length of time, whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete rookie, the challenge is always the same: Finding people to talk to. When you signed up, you got excited about your opportunity. It “just made sense” or it was “incredibly exciting” or “everyone needs it” or “how could anyone say ‘no’?”. We’ve all been there. And then reality hits us. We find that folks aren’t interested. Or they know a guy who tried one of those things once. Or they are stuck in the 70’s and keep using the “pyramid” argument. You may try to help them understand what they’re actually talking about but the end result is typically the same. They stay in their mind space and you are still looking for someone to talk to.

So we look at what the other successful MLM professionals are doing and we start seeing things like:

  • Make a list of friends and family.
  • Throw high pressure home parties.
  • Attend hotel meetings.
  • Approach strangers who are dressed well or drive nice cars.

After a while, we see why most people quit on the MLM industry. These tactics are high pressure and here is the really important part: Most people simply are  NOT going to do this stuff!

I do talk to people but it’s really very conversational. I might tell them about my business or they might ask and I simply reply. It’s easy to find out if they want to know more.

What changed things for me was when I found a strategy to help me with online mlm lead generation. You see, while most of us are chasing down friends and family, there are a LOT of people going online actually LOOKING for ways to make money from home. They see web sites and blogs like this one that offer tips, advice, strategies, and … advertising.

The way it works for me is that I run my ads online. I run ads on Facebook. I run ads on Traffic Exchanges. I do email marketing. I run ads right here at TheOnlineAdNetwork.com. Why do I do this? Simple. People are LOOKING for ways to supplement their income or replace their income and I want them to be able to see my information.

There is no real “magic” to it. When people see my ads, they make a decision about whether or not they want to learn more. If they don’t, they just move on. If they do, they click my ad. In my case, when they click my ad, they are taken to a capture page where they can request free information. In exchange, I ask for their name and email so I can follow up with them.

My followup letters are constantly sending them information and inviting them to get back to me with any questions. Sometimes, I may get a few emails back and forth, a Skype conversation, or even a phone call. My goal at that point is to build a rapport with my prospects and help them make a good decision for them and their family. Sometimes, folks just sign up without me ever talking to them. But I find that building a rapport with your prospects helps you better support them and show them how to build their business with you.

Online MLM Lead Generation isn’t a magic button. It’s simply a powerful strategy that you can use to reach out to people who are actively seeing out information about working from home.

Used effectively, you can put this strategy to work in your own home based business to generate online mlm leads and build your business alongside of other more traditional strategies.





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Can a Home Based Business Make You Rich?

BrianRooneyThere are some fairly crazy ideas about home based business floating around. I was enjoying brunch with someone recently, who asked, “Do you know of any network marketing deals that you don’t have to work to get paid?”. I laughed a little and just said, “Of course not.”

I don’t know of any business, whether you are talking about home based business, traditional business, network marketing, internet marketing, etc… where you can get rich without actually working.

I think some folks got the idea that “home based business” somehow translates to “instead of working”.

What it really means is that you are probably going to be working harder for yourself, from home, than you ever worked for someone else. And the best part is that you won’t even care. You’ll be happy to put in those extra hours because you will be doing something you are personally passionate about.

Recently, I pushed myself back from my desk at around 1am after putting in a rather long session in my own home based business. I had to chuckle at the folks who think that working from home means we are not actually working. Show me a successful home based business operator and I will guarantee you that person knows how to put in the extra hours to make their dreams a reality.

So, can a home based business make you rich? Sure. It can happen. It does happen. But it’s not a guarantee.

Understand: There Are No Guarantees of Success in a Home Based Business!

But there is an opportunity for success. That success may be about being able to spend more time with your family. That success may be about creating a 5 or 6 figure monthly income. How you define that success is up to you. And it is a possibility. But it is not guaranteed.

So why bother with a home based business?

Does a traditional job guarantee you financial freedom? No. In fact, I have met exactly 1 person in my life that was able to create a level of financial freedom as a W2 employee. He invested wisely and lived well below his means. But everyone else I know, and many of the reports I read, indicate that the odds of financial freedom from a traditional job are virtually zero. But folks will hold on to that job because they have been told that it is  “guaranteed income” … right up until the time they got laid off.

With a home based business, you have the opportunity to create financial freedom for yourself. I’ve been very fortunate to meet and learn from some very successful home based business professionals.

Does a traditional job allow you more time with your family or take time away from your family? When I had a job, it was a great job. I loved the work and I was paid well. But I never saw my family. For me, that was a bad trade. My own philosophy goes something like, “What’s the point of making a living if you don’t actually have a life?”.

One of my big motivators for starting my home based business was that I wanted to be with my family more. Today, the kids are all grown and many of them are working on their own home based businesses. That makes me smile as a dad. They learned that a traditional job may help keep the lights on but it won’t help you get free.

Now there are times where I will still put in some crazy hours. My friends get it. I’m a man driven by my passions and goals and I genuinely enjoy putting time in to my home based business. I’m not afraid to work. The rewards can be outstanding!

But there are also times where I may decide to sleep in, take a trip, go spend some time doing a bunch of nothing or working on music. The fun comes from having the choice. No traditional job ever gave me that choice. Starting my own home based business gave me the opportunity to create that choice.

I’m glad I took the plunge.

Maybe you found this article because you are looking for an opportunity for yourself. Perhaps one of the ads on this site will get you started on your journey. My advice is to check out the listings you find interesting and ask questions of the advertiser. Are they getting the results you are looking for? Can they teach you how they did it? Will they work with you to help you create the same results for yourself?

I can’t say that a home based business is for everybody but it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I wish you success in your journey.

Brian Rooney



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Network Marketing Without Bugging Friends and Family

Network Marketing with Brian RooneyNetwork marketing is  a growing and often misunderstood business model. A lot of network marketing people still don’t understand why so many people avoid the industry. Even worse, they don’t seem to understand that they are part of the problem.

How many times have we seen, experienced, or even participated in a “meeting” where we were invited for dinner and then discovered that we had just been set up for a business presentation?

How many times has someone asked for our “opinion” about a business idea and we discover that they are really just trying to force a network marketing pitch down our throats? How many times have you been the one asking for the “opinion”?

I love this industry. I’ve been a full-time network marketing professional since 2000. I was part-time for a number of years before that, and believe me when I tell you, I probably did all those things and more. I had learned all sorts of ways to trick and manipulate people in to letting me pitch my network marketing “deal” to them. I have always been a  “people person” and I love talking to people. But it took me a while to figure out that the vast majority of people simply are not like that.

Do I still talk to people? Absolutely! But I’m much more “laid back” about it now. I like to strike up conversations with people about their jobs, family, etc… and the opportunity usually comes around for me to tell them what I do for a living. When asked, I will typically say something like, “I teach people how to fire their boss and create a life they love”. or “I teach people how to fire their boss and work from home”.

The responses range all over the map.

Some look at me like I just started speaking some new language they’ve never heard. They aren’t ready to talk more about it so we move on to another topic.

Some look at me and say, “Man, I wish I could do that.” and I say, “I’d be happy to show you”.

Some look at me and ask, “How does THAT work?” and I say, “I’d be happy to show you.”.

Depending on their response and where we are, I may ask more questions or set up a time for us to talk more later. This doesn’t mean they join me every time. Many times, I hear “no” or “not yet”. That’s fine. I just look for folks ready to have the conversation. Many of them will join later when the time is “better”. I don’t worry about that. I just keep having the conversation.

See how much simpler that is? It’s so much easier to talk to someone that WANTS to know more. I’ve got a lot of friends who are not involved with network marketing, at all … friends who are involved in other network marketing companies… and friends who are involved with my network marketing companies with me. We all get along fine and they even invite me to dinner (no presentations allowed).

This does not mean I don’t invite people to discussions, presentations, etc.. I just don’t try to manipulate them. I let them know that I have something I’m very excited about and I’d like a few minutes to talk it over with them. They can say  “no”. Again, I don’t get too caught up in whether or not they want to hear. I am just trying to find out IF they want to hear.

One of my other favorite strategies is to advertise online on sites like this one. Like you were probably doing when you found this article, there are a lot of people who are looking for information on network marketing, home based business, working from home, etc… Like you, they find this article from ads, links, or search engine results. Did you notice the ads that appear on this page and the other articles on this site? So do they. When a particular ad grabs their interest, they can simply  click the ad to learn more.

If they click my ad, they will typically get taken to a page that offers to share information in exchange for their name and email for follow up. From there, my automated system takes care of sending follow up messages, video presentations, and sharing basic information. The letters I send out invite them to get with me directly for further questions. By the time I hear from them, they have seen the information and usually just have a few questions or maybe they just want to know I’m a real person.

I won’t spend any time trying to convince you that my way is the “best” way. There are network marketing professionals who do very well with traditional approaches and others who do well with online marketing strategies like mine. There are plenty who do well with a combination of traditional and online network marketing strategies. The one that will work best for you is the one that you will do consistently.

If you’d like to know more about advertising with us, click here.

If you would like more information about network marketing in general, click here.

We are glad you stopped by and hope you check out an offer or two from some of our advertisers, as well!



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Why I Love Residual Income

BrianRooneyThis isn’t going to be one of those ridiculous wealth stories about fast cars and big houses. I’m a big fan of all that, of course, but this post is going to dig more in to the hard cold realities of life and why I truly believe residual income is the best sort of income to work on.

I want to be clear that I honor any hard working individual, regardless of their chosen profession. From blue collar workers to white collar executives, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. I do believe that it just makes good financial sense for everyone to develop at least one stream of residual income. That may be from investing, real estate, a home based business, song writing, royalties, etc..

If you are not clear on what I mean by “residual income”, what I mean is an income stream that continues month after month or even year after year long after the work has been done.

Linear income, on the other hand is income that is earned as a direct result of labor and is either measured by the hour or by the result but when the work stops the income stops.

Personally, I have both types of income. When I play music, either at a club, concert venue, or studio, I am being paid only while my bass is plugged in and I am playing. When the gig or session is over, I get paid and that income stops. That is my linear income stream. And I love playing music. I hope to continue playing for many years.

My residual income streams, however, are based on internet marketing using the network marketing model. I introduce people to products and services that can help them achieve their business, personal, or financial goals. I make that introduction once and am paid every time those customers do business, whether monthly, daily, or weekly. I have some sales I made 15 years ago that still pay me to this day. That’s a beautiful thing.

I’m not going to get in to how much money I make. I’m not a fan of income claims. Some years have been amazing and other years have been a little more “lean”. I’ve got big goals and an moving in that direction and my goals are based on my own desires. Some will view my goals as too lofty while others may think I’m not setting my goals high enough. Let’s just say that I  have set the goals that work for me and I am excited to be taking steps to make those goals my reality.

So let’s dig in to why I love residual income.

Of course, as a father of 5 children, I loved not having to punch someone else’s clock. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to be involved in the lives of my kids. From the simple options to spend a day at the park to big family vacations, we enjoyed life together. As a father, I will never have to look back and wish I had been there for my kids. During the fun stuff and the inevitable hard times, I was able to be there with and for them. We still enjoy a wonderful relationship together to this day. Residual income is a big part of what made that possible.

When my wife was with us, we enjoyed our days together. Whether we were running away for a quick lunch date, escaping for a 2-3 day “staycation”, or running off to Vegas or Florida for a week, we were able to enjoy life and be present with one another. “I have to go to the office” was not a phrase we used. I might be working late at night some days but I was always able to be with my wife. When she became ill, I was able to stay by her side. I never had to leave her to go to the office. Nobody was ever able to say, “You can’t take any more sick days” or “If you miss any more work, we have to let you go.”. I told my wife she would never face a doctor visit, chemo treatment, or radiation treatment without me by her side. She never did. When I lost my wife, even amidst all the grief, I was so grateful to know that we lived life together. We didn’t make excuses. We enjoyed our journey. Residual income is a big part of what made that possible.

Recently, I had a bit of a health struggle, myself. I experienced what amounted to a mini-stroke. For a while, I couldn’t play bass. I could barely write. I was scared. I am mending quite well. I’m starting to play bass again. I can write a little better, each day. Music is becoming a part of my life, again and I am very grateful. Through it all, the residual income streams just keep coming in.

I didn’t have to call any bosses to ask for time off or explain why I couldn’t take a shift. I did arrange for some great bass players to cover a few gigs for me.

My linear income stopped for just a bit.

My residual income didn’t even slow down.

I’ve still got some big goals. And I have the time, freedom, and opportunity to pursue those bigger goals. One of the things I love most about residual income via network marketing is that I can work on leveraging my time and efforts to achieve those goals. That option isn’t really available through traditional linear income.

Just something to think about!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Text and Banner Ads Can I Have?
How Do I Set Up Text Ads?
How Do I Set Up Banner Ads?
Why Do I Have To Upload A Banner?
How Do I Reactivate Expired Ads?
Can I Reinstate a Terminated Account?
Where Are My Ads Seen?
What are Clicks and Impressions?
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Why Were My Ads Deleted?
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Why Is There No Business Opportunity Category
How Do I Change My Subscription Payment?
How Do I Change My Account Details?
How Do I Cancel My Account?
How Do I Create My Ad Control Panel?
How Do I Access My Ad Control Panel?

Q: How Many Text and Banner Ads Can I Have?

A: You can run UNLIMITED Text and Banner Ads with your advertising account. NOTE: “UNLIMITED” means there is no limit to the number of ads you can run in your account.

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Q: How Do I Set Up Text Ads?

A: Log in to your account. Click “Video Example – Text Ad”.

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Q: How Do I Set Up Banner Ads?

A: Log in to your account. Click “Video Example – Banner Ad”.

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Q: Why Do I Have To Upload A Banner?

A: TheOnlineAdNetwork.com utilizes the Amazon S3 to provide redundancy
in serving your banner advertisements as well as a failover provider in
the event of any unexpected hardware failure at our data center.

This also helps prevent issues in the event a remotely located banner
image, server, or hosting account fails for any reason.

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Q: How Do I Reactivate Expired Ads?

A: Log in to your account. Click “Video Example – Reactivate Ads”.

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Q: What Are Clicks and Impressions?

A: An “Impression” means your ad was displayed somewhere in our network.
A “Click” means someone clicked your ad to go to your URL (web page).

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Q: Why Do Total Impressions Change Daily?

A: The total impressions will flucuate throughout each day and from day to day as the flow of visitors and total number of available ads changes throughout the day. Our service continues to make your ads available to those visitors 24/7.

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Q: Can I Reinstate a Terminated Account?

A: Due to our daily payouts, we are unable to reinstate an account once it has been removed from our system. You do have the option of opening a new account.

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Q: Where Are My Ads Seen?

A: Your ads will be displayed throughout our entire network including here on this site and other sites within our network. For proprietary reasons, we do not publish the list of other publisher sites within our network. You can check our Alexa rankings and reach number here: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/theonlineadnetwork.com#

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Q: Why Was My Ad Control Panel Deleted?

A: The most common reason for us to delete any Ad Control Panel is because the advertiser has placed ads in the wrong category. While we do understand that mistakes can happen, our goal is to keep the site clean and focused so that there is a strong value proposition for advertisers and visitors. If your Ad Control Panel has been deleted, the solution is to recreate your Ad Control Panel and take care to place your ads in the proper category(ies).

How To Select The Right Category

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Q: Why Were My Ads Deleted?

A: We purge all expired ads from the system within a few days in order to keep ads current and relevant. If you do not reactivate your expired ads within a few days, they are removed from the system. You can recreate any ad at any time in your Ad Control Panel.

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Q: How Do I Know Which Ad Category To Choose?

A: Answer this question: What Do I Actually Sell? If your product or service is a beverage, you would select “Beverages”. If your product or service is cosmetic based, you would choose “Cosmetics”. Select the Category that most closely matches what your product or service actually is.

How To Select The Right Category

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Q: Why Is There No Business Opportunity Category?

A: Every category we have is related to business opportunities. Select your category based on the actual product or service being offered by your company. If you are not sure, select “Miscellaneous” or email our support team for clarification. Do not just send a URL. Let us know What the PRODUCT or SERVICE is that you offer.

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Q: How Do I Change My Subscription Payment?

A: Log in to your back office and click “Support / Common Questions” for those instructions.

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Q: How Do I Change My Account Information?

A: Log in to your back office and click “View / Edit Your Contact Info”. If you change your password, you will need to completely shut down your browser before you can log in again.

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Q: How Do I Cancel My Account?

A: Log in to your back office and click “Support / Common Questions” for those instructions.

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Q: How Do I Create My Ad Control Panel?

A: Log in to your account. Click “Create My Ad Panel”.

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Q: How Do I Access My Ad Control Panel?

A: Log in to your account. Click “Access Ad Control Panel”.

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