Network Marketing Failure Story

network marketing failure storyDo you know anybody that set out to be a network marketing failure story? Of course not. When we sign up, we have excitement. We see a future that has more money and bigger possibilities. But then, when things don’t magically “pop” overnight, we begin to doubt ourselves. We give up without recognizing what success looks like.

When we start out, success looks like getting enough training to start showing people what we have. Network marketing failure begins when we stop sharing our vision. That sharing might be in person, face to face, online, etc… but the key to network marketing success is to consistently share the vision.

Another big step I see people skip in our industry is celebrating the little success stories. Far too many people don’t even recognize success when it is happening to them. It’s the little things.

I recently had a distributor reach out to me about canceling their account with us here at The Online Ad Network (TOAN). I asked, “Why would some close a profitable online business?”.  This distributor replied back, “I’m profitable?”. And, it hit me. This distributor thought they were experiencing network marketing failure when they were actually experiencing network marketing success. Their profits were small, but real. It’s a nice place to be when you get started, right? The next step is to continue building and continue supporting your team members.

I see a lot of people that don’t recognize when they are experiencing success and they give up way too early. I have actually witnessed people walking away from solid income simply because they didn’t take a look at where they were, how much they’ve progressed, and really dig in to what to do next.

Predictably, due to neglect, their business began to decline. When they finally look up from their fog, they think, “Well, this isn’t working.” and they quit. And folks think of it as another network marketing failure story. In reality, it’s just another story of someone not knowing how to recognize success along the road to success.

Imagine planning a drive from New York City to California. You get in the car and you start driving. Half way through the day, you’re not even close to California. Do you quit? Of course not. You keep driving. Your car starts to run out of gas. Do you quit? No. You pull over and buy more gas. You get hungry. You don’t want to starve, but you’re not in California yet. So … you pull over and get something to eat. Then you start driving, again. What if you have car trouble? Simple. Find a mechanic and get the situation fixed. Then keep driving.

Approach your network marketing business the same way. Start the journey knowing their will be delays. There will be setbacks. You will need to take breaks. But, if you keep going, you can become another network marketing success story (at whatever level that means to you) rather than another network marketing failure story.

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Network Marketing Failure Story

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