MLM Does Not Work

mlm does not workMLM Does Not Work. I’ve been doing network marketing as a full-time profession for more than 20 years and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that MLM does not work. How do I know?

The first time I joined a network marketing company, I was busy with my job and just didn’t take the time to really dig in to the training. I didn’t watch the videos. I didn’t really focus on building a business. I did pay for my monthly order, each and every month and I really did like the products. My income, however, did not go up by even a single dollar. So, I decided then and there that MLM does not work.

I joined another company. I was pretty excited. The presentation was strong and I just KNEW this was the right one. I talked to a few people but nobody wanted to join. So, once again, I had evidence to prove that MLM does not work.

I went for a pretty good while without getting in to any more of that home based business stuff. I was buy raising kids and working a good job.

But then I was introduced to someone who had a perspective I hadn’t seen. This person was incredibly successful and doing quite well from what I could see. They had solid business experience and an incredible track record. I decided, once again, to give this MLM stuff a try. But this time was different. I had actually been able to verify that MLM does not work. I realized that the work had to be done by me. I had to actually DO the work to create a successful network marketing income.

I spent time on the training. I learned the information. I attended meetings. I spoke with, and LISTENED TO, people with a lot more experience than I had.

I had been right all along. MLM does not work. Jobs don’t work. Businesses don’t work. We do the work to create the success. Network marketing is a solid vehicle that can help us get where we want to go if we are ready to put in the work.

That really is the key:  Putting in the work to learn the steps and taking the action to do the steps.

MLM Does Not Work. Are you ready to put in the work?

Yours In Success,


Brian Rooney


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