Pie In The Sky MLM Deal

pie in the sky mlm deal“Some crazy pie in the sky mlm deal” is how he described it. We were sitting at the table, talking. He didn’t know I made my living in MLM and was talking about someone he knows who got in to one of those “mlm deals”.

He didn’t know a thing about how I made my living. He had kind of made fun of me about not having a “job” to go to but had never expressed any interest in how I was able to do it. We simply hadn’t talked about it.

When I heard him say “some pie in the sky mlm deal”, I kind of chuckled. When he went on to talk about how foolish he thought the folks were he was talking about, I started to get upset. I wasn’t about to start an argument but the comment just rolled around in my head for a while. So, I thought I’d share my thoughts here.

Now, this guy was definitely not the first to have something negative to say about MLM or network marketing. A lot of folks really don’t understand what it is, so they dismiss it as … in his words … one of those pie in the sky mlm deals.

I decided to actually look up the term and discovered that “pie in the sky” refers to “something that you hope will happen but is very unlikely to happen”. Sadly, for many people, the phrase can be pretty accurate because they don’t really understand that they are going to have to build a business. They are going to have to put in actual work.  And, yes … they might not actually make it.

The reality is that all businesses operate like that. No matter what business you start or the business model you follow, you will need to actually put in the work to build a business. The risk that you might fail is there.  With network marketing, you get to take advantage of proven systems, leadership, and much lower start-up costs than traditional business models. Build it well and you could win in a big way.

On a side note, there is a great little bakery close by called “Pie In The Sky” and their pies are FANTASTIC! But let’s stick to business. (Oh, those cake balls!)

Why do people think “another pie in the sky mlm deal” when they are presented with our industry?

Attend a few mlm presentations and you’ll start to get it. Too many folks are out there acting like there is no real work involved. The overall idea being that if you join the right team at the right time, money will slap you in the mouth on the way to your bank account.

We do get to see some pretty amazing success stories. I know some incredibly successful people in this industry who have actually become millionaires.

I know a lot of people who have joined company after company, burned themselves out, and didn’t make a dime.

My own experience has me right in the middle, I suppose. I supported a family of 7 with the money I earned in network marketing. I worked at it. In the beginning, I worked VERY hard at it. I didn’t sleep much. I learned and I worked. And I built a rather nice income that allowed me to be home with my 5 kids and stay involved in their lives.

Not a real magic story, but a lifestyle that allowed me time freedom and flexibility was incredible valuable to me. Maybe it seemed like a pie in the sky mlm deal to some of my friend when I got started. Today, it just seems like a better way to do life. I don’t mind taking some risk. I’m an entrepreneur at heart.  I just know that reward comes from taking risk. I’m glad I took the risk all those years ago and am incredibly grateful for this industry.

Yours In Success,


Brian Rooney

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