MLM Facts Of Life

mlm facts of lifeIt’s time for the MLM Facts Of Life Talk. This is the kind of stuff I wish I had known going in. This is an incredible industry and I think we should all face some real facts about what we are doing, how we get paid, and what happens in this business.

These are the things I wish someone had explained to me early in my own journey in to the world of MLM. I’ve been a full-time network marketer for 20+ years. I have experienced some real struggles, some painful setbacks, and some wonderful successes.

Like many facts of life talks, it all starts with excitement. We are so pumped about the new business opportunity we got involved with and we just KNOW that our friends could benefit by what we are offering. So, we start reaching out to people we know. We use the script. We send the links. And, then, the MLM Facts Of Life come screaming at us.

What are the MLM Facts Of Life?

People are going to tell you “no”. It happens to me on a regular basis. Folks just tell me “no”. My own mindset around hearing “no” is to grin and rephrase it in my mind as “not yet”. Maybe the timing isn’t right for them. Maybe they just had a bad experience in MLM (who hasn’t?). I don’t take it personally. I just make a note to stay in touch and follow up with them later.

People are going to lie to you. These are the folks that tell you they are going to get started by never actually do. They tell you they will come to a presentation, watch a video, or get on a call … but they never do. Don’t spend any time trying to figure out “why”. Just know that it’s going to happen. They lie to their bosses, their friends, their family. They are going to lie to you.

People are not going to follow through. No matter how excited you about about your shiny new referral, a lot of people are simply not going to follow through. They will sign up and never take advantage of the training. They won’t start prospecting. They just don’t.

People are going to quit. It happens every single day in my own businesses. People quit. I don’t spend any time trying to figure out why. I don’t spend any time trying to convince them not to quit. I just keep building.

None of these MLM Facts Of Life should be taken to mean that I think people are bad when they do this stuff. They are just people doing what people do. We build our business based on working with and focusing on people that say “yes”, are honest and ready to work, are willing to follow through, and won’t give up when the inevitable struggle happens.

That is how success stories are written. You have to go through these processes.

Every top level distributor in every MLM company has been told “no”.

Every top level distributor in every MLM company has been lied to.

Every top level distributor in every MLM company has had people just fizzle out and not follow through.

Every top level distributor in every MLM company has had people quit.

They just kept building and created a business anyway.

There are people who say yes, keep their word, follow through, and won’t give up. These are the people we look for and the people we can build with.

These are the MLM Facts Of Life.

Yours In Success,

mlm facts of life



Brian Rooney


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