Learn To Recognize Network Marketing Success

recognize network marketing successDo you know how to recognize network marketing success? Sadly, many don’t. They think that if they are not driving big fancy cars or living in mansions, they aren’t successful.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with having cars, homes, trips, etc… but I think one of the things that would help new network marketing professionals is the ability to recognize network marketing success when it happens outside of the stage and magazines.

There are really several different things that might help you recognize network marketing success.

If your product is getting results, you are experiencing network marketing success.

If you are earning more income per month than you are spending on products and training, you are experiencing a level of network marketing success. Many people I talk to are really focused on earning enough income that allows them to get their products or services for free.

If your commissions are allowing you to knock out some of that credit card debt, you are experiencing network marketing success.

If you are able to spend more time with your family than you were before, you are experiencing network marketing success. My big goal when I started working in network marketing wasn’t about creating millions of dollars in income. In fact, I have never become a millionaire as a network marketer. My big goal was to be around my kids as they grew up and not be one of those dads that was never around.

I was hardly ever asked to speak on stage. I did qualify for a car bonus. That was fun, but it wan’t really the goal.

I watch people that are new to the industry sign up, do just a little bit and actually get some results. But because they don’t actually recognize network marketing success in its various forms, they become discouraged and give up. I have actually seen people quit and walk away from a positive income stream because it wasn’t big enough fast enough.

Years later, they are still bouncing from one company to the next. If they had learned to recognize network marketing success early, and just continued working, they could be tremendously successful by now.

Where are you in your journey, so far? Are you doing the things consistently that create success in our industry?

Feel free to leave your comments or ask any questions you may have for me!

recognize network marketing success

Brian Rooney, Founder

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