The Big Secret To Making Money From Home

secret to making money from homeWhat’s the big secret to making money from home? There is no real “secret” to it. If you can help someone solve a problem, you can make money. If you can help someone solve a problem from home, you can make money from home.

Typically, when I talk to someone about making money from home, they start thinking about how they would have to learn how to write code, create an app, invent a new technology, etc…

But here’s the real deal. There are people out there who have already written code, created apps, invented technology, disrupted industries, and created some really great stuff. What they need are people that can help them get these products, apps, and tech out to customers.

And, that really is the big secret to making money from home.

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I have been a home based entrepreneur for more than 20 years. I have never written code. I haven’t developed any apps. I haven’t invented anything. I play music around town ¬†at night, and I work on connecting buyers and sellers during the day.

Did you get that last part? I work on connecting buyers and sellers.

For example:

There is a company that has developed a web site that saves travelers money. All the customer has to do is use the web site. When they book a trip, they save. The customer loves the site. Who wouldn’t, right?

The company that built the site and manages the site doesn’t do the marketing. They look for people like me. What I do is give away the web site to potential customers for free. When the customer uses the site, I get paid based on how much money they save on their trips.

This company is also putting together an app for Ride Share (Like Uber or Lyft).

This company is also expanding in to the world of mobile data.

Every time my customers use these services, I am going to get paid. And, I do all my “finding customers” work from home.

This really is the big secret to making money from home. You could try to figure out how to invent or create a solution. Or, you could partner with someone that has already done that work.

Find a company that offers a product or service that people want or need.

Show people how to get that product or service.

Get paid.

Brian Rooney

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