Things I Do NOT Do To Build Online Income

build online incomeA lot of folks will ask me how to build online income. I think I want to share the things I do not do to build online income.

This is important to me due to the fact that I keep seeing people promoting things to build online income that simply do not work. The fact of the matter is that it’s actually very simple to build an online income, but the key word is “build”. We don’t “find online income”. We don’t “discover online income”. Online income is the result of selling either products, services, or systems.

That comes down to having an actual offer, presenting that offer, building a list of prospects, and selling your offer to those prospects.

So, what are the things I see people doing that I do not do?

  1. I do not offer to build someone’s business for them. I have people approach me all the time telling me that I I am serious, I should build them a business and THEN they will get serious, start paying me, and showing me how committed they are. Think about that for just a second. If I am going to be the one building the business, I am going to also be the one keeping the commissions.
  2. I do not look for the latest and greatest “team build”. To be clear, I love a good team. But, for me, a team is a group of people all working together as compared to a group of people waiting for someone else to build them a business (see my first item, above). I see a lot of people working hard to drive traffic to some sort of “team rotator”. The end result of this activity is that the team leaders get leads and drive sales. My advice: Drive the same traffic (and more) to your own capture page to build YOUR lists and drive YOUR sales.
  3. Wish my downline would do more. Any time someone says something to me about how they wish their downline would do more, I always ask, “Are YOU doing all the stuff you wish your downline was done? Are YOU generating new leads? Are YOU following up? Are YOU getting more customers? Are YOU building your team? In short, be the sort of downline you wish you had. I know that when someone joins my business, that is NOT a guarantee that they are going to actually do the work required to succeed. Our business is about sorting:

    a) We sort through the masses to find people interested in learning more.
    b) We sort through those to find people that want to get started.
    c) We sort through those to find people that want to do the work.
    d) We sort through those to find people that want to go the distance.

Do you want to build online income? Bottom Line: Be prepared to do the work and make it happen. Along the way, you will find others who want to do the work and make it happen. You’ll build great memories along the way and you will build online income.

Brian Rooney

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