Simplicity of Online MLM Lead Generating

Online mlm lead generating shouldn’t be missed. I see people skipping over the basic steps for success and I hope to help you avoid these mistakes as you build your business.

online mlm lead generatingBefore we get started, please understand that I fully believe online mlm lead generating should be something we ALL do IN ADDITION to offline mlm lead generation.

We are in the world of network marketing. The key is “network”. We need to be networking with people all the time. That doesn’t mean being. “salesy” all the time. But, if you truly believe your company offers “something everybody needs” then you should be making it your mission to let everyone know you have the solution they seek.

Personally, I am talking to people about the services I offer on a daily basis. When people ask me what I do, I tell them, “I teach people how to start and build a home based business part-time on their cell phone.”. If they are interested, I send them a link so they can learn more. If they are not, I move on in the conversation. ┬áNo “sales pitch”. No pressure. Just conversation.

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So, assuming you are continuing to do offline prospecting, let’s talk about the simplicity of online mlm lead generating.

I have put together a few banner ads. I have put together a few text ads. These offer information about the solutions I offer my potential customers. I run my banner ads on this site right here, various traffic exchanges, solo ad sites, and social media sites. I make it a point of posting these ads and/or tracking my results on a daily basis.

Some of the biggest mistakes I see people making in their online mlm lead generating are:

Advertising The Company Name Someone seeking out a specific company has most likely talked to someone with that company, already. Instead, focus your advertising on how you can help your prospects. What benefit does your offer provide to them. Put that in your ad.

Linking Directly To a Registration Form I see this one a LOT. When is the last time you clicked an ad and just signed up for any business opportunity? I’m willing to bet you never have. Instead, link to a capture page that offers more information and get their name and email for follow up.

This is the real key to online mlm lead generation: Building your list.

If you spend even a few minutes, each day, focused on online mlm lead generating, you will begin to distance yourself from the competition.

Feel free to post any online mlm lead generating questions in the comments, below.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney

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