The Value Of Sticking With The Plan

mlm business opportunityI have been a full time home based business operator since early 2000. I was part-time for quite a while as I was working my regular jobs while I was learning all this internet marketing and home based business stuff.

Along the way I have experienced some setbacks and some big wins, all of which helped me learn and grow along the way.

In that time, I have seen a lot of companies, programs, schemes, and gimmicks rise and fall. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen quite a few folks fall with them as they bounce from one program to the next looking for that “magic” program that will somehow make them rich just because they “joined at the right time”.

Now, I can’t say that timing doesn’t have a role to play. Some of our Top Income Earners have been with us since we launched here at The Online Ad Network (TOAN) and we are very happy to see them sticking with our advertising and the opportunity.

Some of the folks on that list just opened and account, started advertising their primary business, and just stuck with it. Some built their TOAN income for a while with some focused promotion. Others just focused on advertising their primary business and may have run an ad or two for their TOAN Affiliate URL.

Today, they are still advertising with us at TOAN and they continue to receive commissions through our referral plan. And we think that’s great. That has always been our focus: Show you how to advertise YOUR business and potentially generate some additional income in the process through our simple affiliate plan.

But think about this: Some of our current Top Income Earners were originally referred by someone who dropped out of TOAN. Imagine where your income would be if you had been one of those who stuck with it after referring a Top Income Producer! Now imagine what it might feel like to find out that one of your referrals in a program you quit is now knocking it out of the park!

You might be someone like Brenda de Reus from The Netherlands who referred Michael Sweeney from the US some time back. Every time Michael’s income goes up, Brenda’s does, too!

Brenda was referred by Carol Walczak in Australia. Carol is still with us, today! Her ads keep running and her commissions keep getting paid!

Carol was referred by Louis Paquette in Canada. Mr Paquette has extensive online marketing experience and he does a few things very well:

  1. He runs his ads for his businesses.
  2. He runs ads for his TOAN Affiliate URL.
  3. He also communicates with and supports his referrals.

As a result, his income keeps going up and he continues to generate more exposure and leads for his primary business.

Mr Paquette was referred by Ken Nairne in the United Kingdom. Mr Nairne is pretty involved with online promotion. He keeps his ads going with us here on TOAN and his income just keeps coming in. They are all doing the simple stuff and they keep getting more money while they are promoting their businesses with us here at The Online Ad Network!

Now here is where things get strange: The person that referred Mr Nairne canceled their account some time ago. Based on what I can see, this person canceled their account before any of their downline referrals really began building.

This is part of the challenge in our industry. We see a lot of folks that give up way too soon. Something to keep in mind with your account here at The Online Ad Network is that we have been doing this for a number of years. We focus on getting your ads delivered and we make it very easy to develop an additional income stream. All you really need to do is keep your ads running and share your affiliate link with your downline and others in the network marketing and home based business world.

It’s not my goal to make anyone feel bad or to make fun of folks who have quit. But I do believe that many folks sign up for an opportunity and when they don’t see instant wealth, they give up.

With TOAN, the reason to get involved is so that you can advertise your business. Along the way, refer some folks and you can find that your advertising cost is offset by the commissions you receive. If you really want to get after it, you can do like some of our Top Income Earners and build a solid downline of advertisers which translates to even more income for you.

For each one of these success stories, “just sticking with it” was a big part of their success!



27 thoughts on “The Value Of Sticking With The Plan”

  1. Thanks for providing us with a safe and stable platform to advertise and earn with, Brian! We never have to worry about getting paid our commissions with TOAN. Unlike so many other programs which come and go. And now with the recent large improvement in the product (numbers of impressions and clicks on our ads has soared recently!) it gives us even more reason to share the wealth!

    • Absolutely! Otherwise, all you have is a “dream”. It’s the setting of the goal and following up with productive activity that brings the vision to pass.

  2. I’m experiencing some setbacks too. People are coming and go. Everytime I think my business is going to skyrocket a disappointment occurs. As I know what it takes to be successful I will never give up!

    • People giving up is a fact of life in this business. We will always see folks who are not taking the steps to create success. We just keep sorting through the numbers to find those ready to work with us and we build with them.

  3. Merci de nous avoir fourni une plate-forme sĂ»re et stable pour annoncer et gagner avec, Brian! Nous n’avons jamais Ă  nous soucier de se faire payer nos commissions avec TOAN. Contrairement Ă  tant d’autres programmes qui vont et viennent. Et maintenant, avec la rĂ©cente amĂ©lioration importante dans le produit d’impressions et de clics sur nos annonces a grimpĂ© , Il nous donne encore plus de raisons de partager la richesse avec nos amis.

  4. Brian, your comments are spot on. I’m new here and looking forward to success in time. I have seen so many people come and go in my primary business because they didn’t get instant wealth.

  5. Jeg villle ønske at jeg kunne finde ud af hvad det er jeg skal gøre og hvordan jeg skal gøre for at få opbygget en fremtid her, og at tingene ville arbejde for mig, men jeg syntes at alting arbejder imod mig, og at der sker meget lidt eller ingenting.

  6. Thanks Brian. Yes I’ve been with TOAN since 2008 and I’m very happy with the results I get from my ads. I’m also very much happy with building my Toan business as well. Why would I want to leave a business that is costing me nothing to run. My monthly fee is paid for with my commission, so why would I want to leave now. Even if I only had 4 personal referrals, my fee still gets paid. I would be a fool to leave such a long standing business. I proud and happy to be a member of Toan, and will be here for as long as life allows it to run and me to live. Thank you Brian for given me this fantastic business opportunity and advertising platform.

  7. The microwave mentality had been embedded too deeply in our culture. You see this desire for instant gratification everywhere. Most of us only want to revel in the surface results and don’t think twice about what’s required behind the scenes.

    • Good point, Kevin. When someone is talking to me about their business and they tell me “it’s not working” I ask them to show me the work THEY are doing. 9 times out of 10, it’s the person not actually working. The business isn’t supposed to build itself for you. YOU are supposed to build your business.

  8. Yes it is a shame that people drop out of what may be a solid company like TOAN without giving their business a real go at it. What’s great about TOAN is that it provides what everyone needs that markets any kind of affiliate ,direct sales or network marketing opportunity effective advertising platform.

  9. Hi, I have just started my journey to 10k in 12 months.
    I have created a new blog and email letter series with training on advertising and follow up on new members. I will follow your “to new each month plan for this purpose” Looks like a great way to start.
    I hope to be in your top earners page in some time and make it to 10k in 12 months. I will be happy with half however, I will gun for the 10k.
    Great blogpost and great opportunity. Updates will be posted later.


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