Want To Get Motivated? Kick Your Own But

get motivatedSometimes, we just have a challenge to get motivated. When this happens, we need to kick our own but! It’s simple and powerful and it changes things!

What are some examples of how we can kick our own but? The first step is to find and recognize your own but! See if any of these seem familiar:

I really want to make more money, but …..

I really need to lose weight, but …

I would like to learn how to do that, but …

I would love to try that, but …

Focusing on your own but can make it very challenging to get motivated. It’s easy to find or make an excuse. The challenge is that these excuses leave us in the same position.

Let’s look at how we can get motivated by kicking our own but:

You want to make more money but …. This comes down to either taking on more hours, picking up a side job, or starting a home based business. And, your first thought as you read that may be “Yeah, but … I don’t have the time” or “Yeah, but … I don’t have the money” or “Yeah, but … I don’t know what sort of business to start.

So, ask yourself: “If I don’t change this, what will happen?” If you can live with that outcome, then you may never change. But if the thought of things staying the same or even getting worse drives you nuts, then it is absolutely time to kick your own but. Ask for more hours. Pick up a side job. Start that home based business. You just have to get started. Nothing changes until you change.

What happens if you don’t do something different? If you don’t start making money, look at what happens. Maybe you get behind on bills. You don’t get to take a nice vacation. You don’t get to eat at nicer restaurants. You can’t afford that car. Well, you’re probably already dealing with that now so … you are already experiencing the worst case scenario. This simply means that is nothing to be afraid of. You’re already taking the hit. Get motivated. Kick your own but and start doing something different.

Want to lose weight? No real mystery here. We ALL know HOW to do it. Eat less. Eat better. Get more exercise. We know it’s not hard to put less food in our faces. Every time I eat too much, I say, “Yeah … you could have stopped about 5 bites earlier.”  We know we can eat more vegetables.  When I choose grilled vegetables instead of french fries, I am kicking my own but. We know we can exercise even if it just means doing a few pushups and squats each day. It’s not a time issue. It’s not a tough decision. I can just as easily grab some dumbbells and do a few curls as I can flop down on my couch and grab my remote.

We just need to get motivated, kick our own but, and make different choices.

In fact, that is pretty much how we kick our own but in any scenario you can think of. We just need to get motivated and then DO whatever is necessary to learn the new skill, develop the new habit, and get new results.

When I started working from home, I had a big list of buts. I was scared. I was uneducated. I was inexperienced.

I was also motivated. I had 5 kids that wanted to eat every day. So, I started kicking my own but. I learned new skills. I created new habits. I started getting new results. I put in the work.

And now people say things like, “Man, you sure are lucky.”

I just roll my eyes and keep on working!


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