Why I Run Online MLM Advertising

run online mlm advertisingA buddy of mine recently asked me why I run online mlm advertising. I kind of smiled and asked, “Do you think I built a global business by running local hotel meetings?”

“Well, I guess not.”, he said.

Think about it this way. My decision to run online mlm advertising for my business was based on the fact that I know people are out there looking for ways to make money from home. I knew that if I could run good enough ads where these people are looking, I could generate online mlm leads from around the world.

This doesn’t mean that people are looking for something to join. They don’t click my ads to join my business. They are looking for information. What they want is a solution to a problem.

So, when I run online mlm advertising, my ad is offering people a solution. If they want to learn more, they click my ad. When they click my ad, they are taken to a page that offers them more information. They can get that information by filling out a very simple short form. At this point, my autoresponder kicks in, sends the information, and follows up with them.

Now, what happens from all this?

  1. Some folks decide they want to learn more. They may attend my online webinars or email me questions.
  2. Some folks take their time.  They are looking at a number of opportunities and they sort through in whatever schedule they prefer.
  3. Some folks decide they aren’t interested. They leave my list and I never talk to them.

The key to success is that I and constantly driving traffic to my capture page when I run online mlm advertising.

No matter where I am or what I am doing, my advertising is always out there. Much like the billboards we all see on the side of the freeways, not everybody that sees the billboard is even interested in what is being offered. Those people who are interested can visit a site, make a call, or stop by a store. Our advertising works in much the same way. The ads just sort through the masses to see who is interested in our information.

Now, bear in mind, that I also DO run local presentations. I like building locally. I like building internationally. I talk to people when I’m out doing other things like playing music, having dinner, attending concerts, etc…

I don’t run online mlm advertising to avoid working. I run it to beef up my effectiveness, increase my reach, and build my business.

Brian Rooney

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