Why Are There So Many MLM Failure Stories?

mlm failure storiesHave you ever wondered why there are so many mlm failure stories? Isn’t network marketing touted as a “rags to riches” opportunity? How do we keep hearing about all these success stories, but we know so many people who have written some pretty amazing failure stories, too.

The mlm failure stories are just as real as the mlm success stories. Or, are they?

How do two people get involved with the same company and one goes on to amazing wealth while the other fails to make any amount of income, whatsoever? Or, if they do make money, it’s barely enough to cover the dreaded auto-ship.

The company is the same for each of them.

The company provides the same training for all its distributors.

The compensation plan is available to every distributor

So, Why Are There So Many MLM Failure Stories?

With 20+ years of experience in the industry (19 of them full-time), I’ve seen a lot of patterns repeat themselves. Some of the most common reasons I see for people who do not succeed in MLM include:

Clicking “Join” is the last real action step they take. I see this one over and over, again. Somebody joins their latest and greatest company. They are excited. They plan to get ready to get started. But … they are “busy” … or they just can’t get “motivated”. They make it to a training or two but stop just as quickly.

With today’s technology, this one amazes me. Most companies provide considerable online training options. A distributor can literally watch a video at any point in time to get the information they need.

mlm failure storiesThey Just Don’t Take Action. This is another one I see over and over again. A new distributor comes on board. They are excited. They talk about how they are going to “tear this thing up”. Then … they never actually DO any of the stuff the company or their upline teaches. They may reach out to the upline every once in a while to complain about their lack of results. They say things like, “nobody wants this” or “I can’t get anybody to join”. Most of the time ( I have yet to see the exception ), they haven’t actually prospected anyone and any online promotion they are doing is really bad, infrequent, and lacks motivation.

They Give Up Too Soon. What about those who do take action but don’t get “rich” within the first 90 days? What a lot of new mlm distributors miss is that there is actually a learning curve when you get started in this industry. You will be learning new skills, new techniques, and new processes. While you are learning, you will experience failures. You will have people who join but never get started. They will quit. These are facts of life. In my years of network marketing, I have seen TONS of people give up too soon. I keep succeeding because I simply refuse to be one of them.

But, my question for you is this:

Are These Really MLM Failure Stories?

Or, are these just people who are not ready to do what it takes to build a successful network marketing business?

One of the keys is to treat that $100 to $3,000 average mlm start-up cost and treat it like you took out a loan from a loan shark for $100,000! If you did that, you’d be waking up earlier, learning everything you could, and working as if your life depended on it.

You will notice that those MLM Success Stories we all hear usually include an incredible work ethic, resilience, consistency, and time spent. Every “overnight success story” took about 7 – 10 years to write. We just didn’t know about them while they were struggling.

If you really want to succeed in your MLM business, you have to recognize that people do it every single day. You will need to watch and follow their example. Do the work. Be consistent. Be prepared for setbacks and disappointments, and just keep building.

You don’t have to be one of the mlm failure stories if you are willing to put in the work to become the next success story.




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