The Difference Between Job Income and MLM Income

Difference Between Job Income and MLM IncomeThe difference between job income and mlm income can be pretty staggering once you really see it. We all need income. That’s just how we pay bills and deal with life. If all you have is job income, that’s “ok”. But if you also add MLM income, that can be way beyond “ok”.

Let’s take a moment and look at the differences.

To begin to really understand the difference between job income and mlm income, let’s take a moment to define the two.

Job Income The simplest definition I can give here is that job income is the income derived from doing a job. You show up for work, do what your boss and job description require, and you collect a check. That check might be based on hours spent, commissions earned, or a combination of the two.

The advantages of job income might include the idea that the income is “guaranteed”. The employee has a reasonable expectation that they will be collecting a check on the pre-determined schedule. They can calculate how much they will earn each week, every two weeks, every month, based on their hourly wage, salary, and/or commission structure.

The idea that this income is actually guaranteed is a bit of a miss since employees can be laid off at any time. Ask anyone who has lost that income and they will quickly agree that even the “best” job is actually not a guaranteed source of income, at all.

Some of the other drawbacks to this type of income include that it can be very challenging, or even impossible, to increase your income. You can actually only work a set amount of hours, even if you take on a second or third job. There is no leverage available as your pay is based 100% on your own efforts and time spent.

Asking your boss to pay your more money within your existing work schedule can be laughable for some and challenging, at best.

Time freedom simply doesn’t exist with a traditional job. You have to be there when you’re told. You can’t leave until the boss allows you to. You take lunch when you’re allowed to. Your time is worth exactly what you negotiated to receive from the company in exchange for those hours.

And, when you start over with a new work day, your income starts at $0.00, again. You start every day over without the possibility of ramping up income from the work you previously did.

MLM Income This income is the commissions derived from the sale of products or services provided by the company you are with. This income will be based solely on commissions earned from sales and team building.

While this is also not a “perfect” income stream, the benefits of building this residual income stream far outweigh the traditional job income, in my opinion.

This income stream is also not guaranteed. In fact, if you get involved with any mlm company and don’t actually do the work to move products/services or build a team, you can expect your income to remain at $0.00.

Unlike traditional job income, you can’t fake out the time clock, impress a boss who isn’t actually paying attention, or coast on the efforts of someone more productive than you. If you want to earn any mlm income, be prepared to do some work.

Now, if you are willing to put in the work, the difference between job income and mlm income can be pretty exciting.

Want a “raise”? Sell more products or services. Build a bigger team. No need to ask a boss to give you more money. Just do the work and earn more commissions.

A big advantage to building mlm income is that you can start part-time as a “side hustle”. Most people spend a few hours on weekends or at night after their traditional job building their mlm income.

Some transition to full-time and others keep their job while building their mlm income on the side.

Time freedom is one of the biggest advantages to building mlm income. You can set your own hours.  You can eat when you’re hungry, wake up when you’re no longer sleepy, and spend your time as you see fit once you get your business established.

By building a strong team, you can actually create a scalable business and take advantage of leverage. If you build internationally, there could come a time where your business is never not growing due to people around the world working in multiple time zones.

Due to the “residual” nature of mlm income, you never start your days over at $0.00. The work you did last week, last, month, last year can continue to pay you year after year after year.

Residual Income may be the biggest reason I prefer mlm income over job income.

What are some of the big differences for you?

What Is Residual Income?


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