Does Network Marketing Work?

network marketing workDoes Network Marketing Work? This question is probably what brought you to this article. And, my goal for you is to answer the question the best I can.

We all like to hear the stories about those folks who went from rags to riches. We are all familiar with, and maybe are even in some of, those stories about folks who just didn’t build a successful business. Both of those extremes are true. But did you also know that a lot of network marketing success stories fall somewhere between those two?

Consider this as you ask, “Does network marketing work?”. There are quite a few people in the world of network marketing who didn’t want to become obscenely wealthy. They maybe just wanted to generate a few hundred dollars per month to help with bills, or take a vacation.

Did network marketing work for them? Absolutely!

In my own experience, I’ve been doing network marketing, full-time, for almost 20 years. I had a good job and was making great money. I actually enjoyed my job and loved my boss. My big motivation wasn’t incredible wealth as much as it was my desire to actually be around my kids. I wanted to be involved in their lives.

The work I started doing those 20 years ago enabled me to have the freedom to actually BE a real dad. For me, that meant coaching my songs in basketball, playing bass with my daughter in her piano recital, being around to help with homework, taking multiple family vacations and enjoying life.

So, when someone asked me, “Does network marketing work?”, my answer is always: “If YOU do!”

Notice that word: “netWORK”. There is work to do if you want to experience success in any industry; including network marketing.

I had to learn some new skills. I had to do some things I had never done before. I had to develop new habits. I had to do all that while working in the regular job market. As my network marketing income grew, I started firing bosses. I probably fired some of them way too soon. But, I learned from that process, too.

I’m not living the “life of leisure” that some associate with network marketing success. I am enjoying a nice lifestyle and I enjoy having some considerable time freedom. I am able to do that, today, because of the skills I learned and work I did years ago.

If you are considering network marketing for yourself, whether as a full-time career or as a side-hustle, know that it is a worthwhile pursuit if you are ready to put in the work to get the results you want.

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