How To Get Sales with Advertising

sales with advertisingAre you wondering how to get sales with advertising? It might make more sense to ask if you know that sales are the ultimate goal with advertising. Sounds obvious, right? But a lot of people I talk to do not seem to grasp this concept. Let me explain.

Let’s start by talking about the word “sales”. I have people tell me they hate selling. Then, I ask: “Are you married?” or “Did you ever ask someone out for a date?”. These are sales. You sold someone on the idea of going out with you. You maybe even sold someone on the idea of marrying you. Maybe you “sell” your friends on your choice of where to eat. We are all constantly selling in one form or another. Professionals do it with money.

It may help to think of it this way: If you want the sale, you have get their confidence.

When you asked that person out for a date, they had enough confidence that it might be fun so they said “yes”. Others who may have said “no” simply didn’t have enough confidence that it would be a fun experience.

When you suggested a place for lunch, your friends had enough confidence in you and the place you recommended that they said “yes”.

When we are selling our products, services, or opportunity, we hope that the people who see our ads have enough confidence in the ad copy to click and learn more. When they get to our landing page, we hope they have enough confidence in the offer and call to action that they fill out the form. When they get our sales letter, we hope they have enough confidence in us and our offer that they will click through to the information page and, ultimately, the sales page.

If we lose their confidence anywhere along the way, we lose the sale.

It is important to understand this basic concept because it will impact how you approach advertising, lead generation, and follow up.

The first step to getting sales with advertising is to anticipate the questions your prospects might answer. Your headline, your ad copy, your call to action will serve you best when they are written to help instill confidence in the reader.

If your ad just has the company name, you’re working against yourself. Your strongest possibilities are:

1. They already know the company and may be involved already.
2. They have no idea who the company is so they have no confidence in it.
3. They had a bad experience or know someone who did so they have no confidence in it.

Instead, make your ads all about benefits. Answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Some of the best headlines and ad copy address this very well. Examples would be:

“What If There Was A Way You Could __________?”

“Lose ____ Pounds In ___ Days!”

“I Started My Online Business in 20 Minutes!”

“Start Building Your List In 30 Minutes Or Less!”

“Daily Pay with Online Advertising!”

None of these examples show a company name. They all focus on getting the prospect excited enough to have the confidence to click the ad to learn more. That is the first goal of any ad if you want to generate sales with advertising: Get prospects to click the ad to learn more.

The page they land on should build more curiosity and make them confident enough to request your information by filling out your capture form.

Then your follow up letters need to be written in such a way as to instill more confidence in you and confidence in your offer.

When your prospects have confidence in you and confidence in your offer, sales begin to happen.

When your ads and your follow up build confidence, you begin to experience sales with advertising.

Chapter 1: MLM Advertising Overview
Chapter 2: Should You Advertise Your MLM Business Online?
Chapter 3: How To Get Sales With Advertising
Chapter 4: Wondering Where To Advertise?
Chapter 5: How To Write Headlines That Sell
Chapter 6: Now The Sales Process Begins


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