Network Marketing Ideas

network marketing ideasLooking for network marketing ideas? During lunch with a new business contact, we started discussing network marketing. We talked about what we loved about it. We talked about what we didn’t like about it. There were plenty of things to list on both sides of the conversation.

We had both been involved in network marketing for a number of years. Neither of us spent any time trying to recruit the other one. It was just a friendly professional discussion. As we talked about various network marketing ideas and experiences, we quickly agreed on some of the big positives, such as:

Start Up Costs: Less than $2,000
Location:  Can be run from home
Time Commitment: Can be part-time
Convenience: Can be done online

Now, this isn’t always true for every network marketing opportunity, but most definitely applies to most of them. When it came time to start looking at some of the cons,  we really didn’t find much to list in terms of the industry, itself. The industry is strong and seems to be getting stronger.  The real weaknesses we could identify had more to do with individuals within the industry.

We had both been around long enough to see good and bad examples of network marketing people in action. The bad examples were pretty easy to identify. These are the types who just bombard everybody with information. They act like you are suddenly a dear friend that they just had to “invite”, even if they hadn’t talked to you in years. They don’t seem capable of having a conversation other than how “miraculous” their pills are. They make ridiculous (and potentially illegal) health claims. They spam their email contacts. They flood their social media sites with ads. The more we talked about it, the more we had to say, “Yeah … I see why some folks have a hard time with network marketing.”

And then we talked about the good examples. Real professionals who know and act like network marketing is a real business. They get the idea that they will make an investment of their time and money. They recognize that they are going to spend time learning the industry. They will learn their company. They will learn their product or service. When they advertise, they do so responsibly. They think and act like business people.

One mentor I was working with years ago, said, “I’m not a network marketer. I’m a business man. Network marketing is simply the method I have chosen to get my products to market.”.

When you are talking with someone about network marketing ideas, keep in mind that this is a business. Treat it like a business.

Looking for network marketing ideas? Check out the ads on this blog. See something that interests you? Click the ad to learn more. Ask questions. Make the right decision for you and your financial future by working with a company and a team that provides real market solutions and a lucrative compensation plan.

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