What Does It Take To Succeed in MLM?

What does it really take to succeed in MLM?

succeed in mlmWe’ve seen the incredible stories of success. We’ve read about how this person or that went from “rags to riches”. We’ve also seen, and maybe even experienced the lack of success in MLM. So, what seems to be the big secret?

If you’ve ever really studied some of the success stories, you will see a few common themes among those who actually succeed in MLM.

A big success theme is that they each had some incredible motivation. They describe it as their “why”. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this?”. Your reason for why you got started will be one of the things that keeps you going when things look like they aren’t moving fast enough.

There is no “right” answer. There is no “wrong” answer. You just need to decide WHY you want to succeed in MLM. It may be the desire to get out of debt, take a vacation, plan for retirement, leave something for the kids, upgrade the house, buy a new car… Whatever your reason is, I recommend you write it down and review it daily.

Another key to success in MLM is to simply keep your account active! I see a lot of folks who sign up and then cancel … reactivate and then cancel again … sign up with a new sponsor and cancel again. And, then they wonder why “MLM doesn’t work“.

So, two big factors for those who succeed in MLM:

Know WHY you are doing it.
Keep your account active.

Once you’ve settled these two, it’s time to actually get to work. One of the most successful people in network marketing taught me, “Successful people are quick to make a decision. Then, they get to work MAKING it the right decision.”

What does that mean? It means they are in ACTION learning, doing, and teaching the success principles required to succeed in MLM. This will include talking to people, sharing information, following up, and teaching your team to do the same. How you generate your leads and how you talk to people will vary based on your company, the systems you have, your personality, etc… But rest assured that if you want to succeed in MLM, you are going to have to be constantly generating new leads, picking up new skills, and staying in action.

Another big factor: Take Responsibility One thing you will never hear from a successful mlm professional is, “My sponsor made me rich.”. I know successful people in this industry who had absolutely terrible sponsors. Holton Buggs became the Top Income Earner in any network market company worldwide. The person that sponsored him QUIT before he reached that level. Imagine being the sponsor that walked away from that income stream! (Remember that part about staying active?).

If you are fortunate enough to have what we would call a good sponsor, plug in to their training and follow their example. If you have a bad sponsor (and many of us do), take advantage of company training. Reach out above your sponsor to find a upline member ready to help you build a successful business.

The bottom line  is that if  YOU have a big enough “why” and YOU stay in the correct action, YOU can build a successful business.

I wish you  tremendous success as you learn how to success in MLM. It’s a great industry and can help you build a life you love.

Brian Rooney


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