MLM Excuses

Are You Making MLM Excuses or Getting MLM Results?

succeed in network marketingRecently, as I talk to people in the network marketing world, I am hearing more and more of what I call MLM Excuses.  I thought I’d take a look at some of the more common excuses and see if we can help you switch over to getting mlm results.

There really isn’t anything new about people making excuses. There aren’t really any new mlm excuses being made. They just keep cycling around. Let’s look at a few common mlm excuses.

I don’t have time. This one always just makes me shake my head. We all have the same amount of time. We each get 24 hours in a day. When I get this common excuse, I ask someone to take me through their daily schedule. Each and every time, we find that they actually go have 24 hours in a day. They are simply choosing to spend those hours in a way that is very unproductive. For example, they may love to binge-watch the latest TV show. Watching TV for one less hour means they can sue that hour prospecting, training, and growing their business.

They may love playing games on their iPhone. That time could be spent generating leads and following up. I built a residual income stream using my iPhone and teach others how to do the same thing with their smart phone. I still play too much backgammon, clash of clans, and words with friends! But, I do try to start my day with coffee and at least some prospecting, each morning on social media.

I don’t get out much. Here is the bottom line about network marketing: The first word is “network”. Most people get out more than they realize. It might be a trip to the store. It might be dinner out with friends. And, even if you don’t actually get “out” much, this is one of the worst mlm excuses because of our access to an entire world via social media.

Using social media to build and interact with connections can be a great way to generate leads online. Using an autoresponder to manage those leads helps you set up a 24/7 lead generation system. This is a big part of how I build my business. I do business around the world without ever leaving the Houston area.

But let’s really look at what most of us are doing on a daily basis:

We go to work. Talk to co-workers. They may be looking for a way to supplement their income, too.

We go out for dinner. Talk to friends. Meet people. Just be social. You don’t have to be looking for someone to “pitch” your business to. Just get to know people. Conversations often turn to people looking for an opportunity or wanting to something your company might be able to help them with.

We take Uber or Lyft. Talk to the driver. They like to work and may be looking for an opportunity. Some of my best leads are Uber drivers. They have no problem with a side-hustle and are often open to at least looking at information.

I don’t know how to … Let me just be real direct. If you don’t know how to do something you need to do, it’s time to learn. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to learn just about anything you can imagine. Google and YouTube are your friends. How did I learn to do marketing? I searched Google for tips and strategies. I tried things. I failed. I learned and tried, again. You can absolutely do the same thing.

When I hear some of these common mlm excuses, I realize that I am actually just dealing with someone who isn’t motivated enough to make things happen. Every MLM Success Story you know includes someone who just got tired of things being the way they were. They made a decision to MAKE things different. They took action and STAYED in action until they got results.

One of the most successful people I know in MLM actually worked on a DAILY basis for years before he realized any mlm income. He would go work all day in the air conditioning industry. When he got off work,  he would shower, put on the best clothes he could find, and get out to meet people.

His friends thought he was crazy. They invited him to go out dancing.  He told them, “I am training myself to become successful. I have goals I want to reach and I am making it happen.”. His friends laughed at him. They told him he was crazy and would never be successful. (Sound familiar?)

Instead of making mlm excuses, he learned. He read books. He attended trainings. He sought out coaches and mentors. Today, he is a multi-millionaire and those same friends are now asking him if they can borrow money.  The smart friends are asking if he can show them how to do what he did.

This industry allows us to make the choice between excuses and results. We get to choose, every single day. What decision will you make?

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