Worst MLM Sponsor Ever

worst mlm sponsorDo you have the worst MLM sponsor? You might. You might be surprised to find out that you don’t. What makes a good sponsor good and a bad sponsor bad?

I’ve seen this discussion from both sides. As a distributor, I see good sponsors and bad sponsors. As a company owner, I see good sponsors and bad sponsors.

Today, for example, I had someone email me, telling me they are going to quit because they have the worst mlm sponsor ever. When I looked in to their account, I found out that their sponsor is actually an outstanding leader, good builder, and does what I believe a good sponsor does.

When I asked this person why they felt their sponsor was so bad, they replied with “They won’t help me”. The reality is that I know this sponsor sends out regular updates and communicates with their team regularly via their autoresponder, conducts webinars or participates in company webinars, and directs all of their members to the company training and information.

When I pushed further, the reality was that this person wanted their sponsor to actually build the business for them.

So, let’s take a moment to understand what a good sponsor actually is and does.

A good sponsor isn’t supposed to build your business FOR you.

A good sponsor is building their business and working with others who are building, also.

Ask yourself this: Would YOU want a business partner that was waiting on you to do their work for them? You don’t need a business partner like that. Neither does your sponsor.

A good sponsor is busy DOING the work and SHOWING how the work is done.

I once heard a leader in another company tell me, “I don’t handle customer support. The company does that. I show the plan and teach my team how to show the plan. When one of my downline calls me for customer support, I give them the phone number for customer support at Corporate.”

And, when you think about it from a business perspective, that makes sense.

I don’t mow my lawn. I pay people to do that. Your sponsor shouldn’t be handling customer support calls. The company pays people to do that.

What you get paid to do in network marketing is show the plan. You don’t get paid to handle customer support calls, answer questions about the web site, send someone a list of ingredients, etc…  You get paid to show the plan, get customers, and build the business.

A good sponsor is someone who will be doing that and will show you how to do that.

This doesn’t mean they don’t want you to get customer service and support. They are going to direct you to the team that handles all that.

As a company owner, I see where people just won’t do the work and then they want to blame the company, their sponsor, the weather, politics, the government, etc…

The best MLM sponsor won’t do your work for you. They will point you in the right direction. They will work WITH you to help you fine tune what you are doing. They will show you, by example, how it should be done. But if you are waiting for them to do the work for you, they are going to be busy working with other team members who are DOING the work required to build a business.

You may actually have the worst mlm sponsor ever. If you have joined a good company, the company will provide you with solid training and support systems that allow you to learn how to build the business and move forward. I have seen plenty of good builders who learned from good sponsors and good company information. I have never met someone who achieved success in network marketing because their sponsor built the business for them.

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2 thoughts on “Worst MLM Sponsor Ever”

  1. Love this. When EVERY member takes personal responsibility for their own success, has a vision, sets goals and works daily you see teams explode. One person cannot do it alone. But if one person is successful all we need to do is copy them. In a business like ours it pays to share the success secrets.


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