Success In Network Marketing

Success In Network Marketing: Separate the Truth from Fiction

BrianRooneyWe’ve all heard of, or maybe even personally know, someone who has experienced success in Network Marketing.

You know the stories where someone goes from rags to riches, seemingly overnight. These are great stories and they certainly help build excitement when it comes to prospecting, team building, and motivating your organization.

Let me be very clear about something: Success In Network Marketing DOES happen. Most of the time, it’s nothing like what most of us think it is.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with some incredible leaders and some incredible achievers in this industry and there is a common thread that runs through each of their stories. That thread includes a combination of hard work, the willingness to learn new skills, and the dedication to master new skills.

When Bill Britt of Amway fame was asked about why he was able to succeed when so many others fail, he replied that he simply understood the numbers and worked the numbers to his advantage. In his case, he presented to over 12,00o people. 900 of those people told him “no”. Of the 300 that said “yes”, only 85 were still with him and of those 85, 11 made him a multi-millionaire. Mr. Britt experienced success in network marketing with a 1% success record! 11 out of 1,200!

A top industry leader I had the opportunity to visit with recently explained that part of the reason for his seemingly “overnight” success with his current company was because he ALWAYS believed he would be successful, even when his efforts in previous network marketing companies were not fruitful. When he found his current company, he had built a contact list of over 3,000 people from his efforts with previous companies. How did he build his current business so quickly? He made up his mind to call all 3,000 of those people no matter what their response was.

Bill Britt prospected 12,00. This individual prospected over 3,000. They are both tremendously successful.

Most people hear “no” just a few times and they are ready to pack it in. This is why they don’t experience success in network marketing for themselves.

I’m certainly no Bill Britt and I’m not currently showing up in the Top 100 Income Earners for Network Marketing but I have been blessed to live a wonderful lifestyle without the need for a traditional job or bosses for over 13 years. Today, I have multiple lists that I work with. These lists have been generated over years of internet marketing and prospecting. When people ask me how I built such a huge list, I tell them, “I started with zero. Then I got one. Then I kept going.” In fact … I still focus on building my prospect lists, today, and that is one reason why I am experiencing success in network marketing.

Ask any successful network marketer today and most of them will tell you that they had to learn some new skills. Prospecting skills. Advertising skills. Presentation skills. Phone skills. Every successful leader in network marketing is able to effectively use the phone, advertise like a pro, follow up with prospects, and close deals.

When someone tells you that they are building a business without prospecting, without following up, and without working on personal development, they are either kidding themselves or simply lying. Learn the skills required. Then master the skills to experience your own success in Network Marketing.

About The Author: Brian Rooney is an established network marketing professional. He co-founded the AutoResponder System with his friend and business partner, Stephen Hambright. Mr. Rooney is the Founder of and is himself a Network Marketing Distributor with business in over 100 different countries.


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