Network Marketing – You’re Already Doing It for FREE

Like It Or Not …  You are Already Doing Network Marketing!

BrianRooney(You just don’t get paid for it … yet).

Have you ever …

… told a friend about a movie you liked?
… advised someone on where to have dinner?
… recommended a good book?
… sent a web site link to a friend?

We all have. Every single one of us has recommended some sort of offer to friends of ours. We do it every single day.

At the office, you might say something like:

“Let’s have lunch at this great burger place today.”
“You have got to see this amazing movie!”
“Did you buy that new xBox game, yet? It ROCKS!”
“I’m reading this awesome book. You should check it out.”

Businesses refer to this as “word of mouth marketing” and they know that it can be one of the best ways to create “buzz” about their product or service.

They HOPE you will tell your network of friends and associates about your great experience and then recommend it so that your friends will buy, too.

And when you do refer those friends and those friends spend money, these same companies won’t even send you a thank-you card, much less a piece of the revenue generated by your referral.

You are participating in “word of mouth marketing” by sharing your opinions and recommendations with your “network” of friends and associates.

Like it or not: You are involved in Network Marketing … for free!

I am a semi-pro musician, meaning I make a little money playing music part-time.

A couple years ago, I pulled in to a Starbucks with a band I was playing with.

As we stepped up to order coffee, the keyboard player whipped out a black card and handed it to the barista with his credit card. When the barista charged him for the order, he said, “… and with your discount, your total comes to …. ”

“Whoa!”, I exclaimed. “Share. What’s with the black card and the discount?”
(Because we all know that Starbucks coffee is EXPENSIVE!)

He turned to me and quickly explained that for $25 a year, I can get discounts on all my orders, a free coffee on my birthday, and some other nice stuff that I can’t remember.

I quickly bought a black card. I loved Starbucks and I knew that the savings were going to quickly cover that $25. It just made sense to me.

How much money did the keyboard player receive when I bought the card?

Not a single penny. The guy behind the counter didn’t even thank him for referring me! He could have at least said “Thanks for the new business!”

My buddy just used “network marketing” to recommend me. And got NOTHING.

We all make recommendations to our network of friends and associates every day.

We’re all doing some kind of network marketing. It’s a fact of life.

Some of us are simply getting paid to do it.

Since you’re going to be making recommendations anyway, doesn’t it make sense to align yourself with a company that offers something you can personally believe in, refer a few friends, and make money in the process?

Do your research. Not all network marketing companies are the same. Like any other business, there are good and bad companies. The range of products and services is immense and covers everything from telecommunications to nutritional products, coffee, to internet access, and everything in between.

Find a company you can believe in with a product or service that you can truly get personally excited about. Share that product or service just like you do when you recommend a movie, a book, a game, a concert, a restaurant. Let people decide if they want to take your recommendation. And when they do, get a check!

You can review hundreds of free listings to help you find the right company with the right products, service, and opportunity for you by visiting

Review free informative articles and search hundreds of free network marketing listings to find the right match for you.

You may be able to supplement your existing income or replace your income altogether. The key is to start with the right company, offer, and team.

You’re doing it anyway, now. You might as well start getting paid for it!



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