Worst MLM Recruiting Techniques

worst mlm recruiting techniquesWhat are some of the worst mlm recruiting techniques you have ever seen (or even tried yourself)?

Mr Biz Opp Party Crasher This is that guy that shows up to any and every business opportunity presentation he can. He’s probably wearing a logo shirt (from a competing company), passing out cards to everyone in the room, and being not-so-subtle about how his opportunity is better. Yes .. these people DO exist! I’ve never seen one of them build a successful business. And, most leaders won’t invite them to join their team. (There’s a clue)

The Windshield Bomber This is that special individual who visits mall parking lots and sticks brochures, cards, CD’s, etc…  on the windshield of every car they can get to before mall security has them removed. I’ve seen ’em in action. Folks are usually not happy to arrive at their car and have clean it off before they can go home.

Front Door Flyer Fred Fred likes to go to more affluent neighborhoods and put biz opp flyers on doors. I guess the idea is that the wealthy home owner will come home from work and be happy to see this stuff on their door?

Cold Call Carl This is the guy that does the “dialing for dollars” routine with people he has never talked to. He may be going through a local phone book or may have purchased one of those “hot” lists we always hear so much about.

Junk Car Bumper Stickers We’ve all seen those cars that look like they are about to break down on the highway with letters or stickers that say they can show you how to get rich. Maybe if the car was worth more than $500, folks would pay more attention?

Social Media Spammer This is that mlm junkie that constantly posts about their biz opportunities, and pretty much nothing else. They may be flashing big wads of cash in their pictures (when they are actually broke), and they may be adding you to their groups, posting on your wall, etc… (Unfriend, anyone?)

Are these the worst mlm recruiting techniques you’ve ever seen? Got some ideas you can add to the list?

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