Now The Sales Process Begins

Your ad worked. Somebody clicked it to learn more about your offer. If your landing page is good and you have a capture form in place, they filled out the form. Now the sales process begins. Let’s review some basic concepts before we get in to the sales process.

Let’s Get Started with TOAN Training!

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Getting Results From Traffic Exchanges

Folks often ask me if traffic exchanges work. The answer is “no”. Just like hammers don’t work, saws don’t work … tools don’t do the work. WE work. We use tools like advertising, autoresponders, and traffic exchanges to help us do our work better. This article focuses on getting results from traffic exchanges.

Hurricane Harvey and TOAN

Hurricane Harvey and TOAN Just a quick update on Hurricane Harvey and The Online Ad Network (TOAN)If you are watching the news, you are aware of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas Coast. Here in Houston, this is leading to a lot of rain, wind, etc… The forecast we are getting indicates that this will continue over the next … Read more