Don’t Worry About What To Say. Learn How To ASK!

It seems to happen with just about every new team member we add to our group. They all seem to want to know what to say to people. Success in network marketing isn’t really a matter of knowing the “right words”. I’ve seen some pretty weak presentations that resulted in people joining the team. I’ve … Read more

Big Mistake: Robbing a Hand Gun Owner in Dallas

Too often, Americans are hear tragic stories of gun violence that anti-gun advocates use to push for gun control. Unfortunately, stories that detail the use of guns in self-defense cases very rarely get any media attention, leaving some skeptics to believe that the Second Amendment may be an antiquated right. But a recent case out of Dallas, Texas highlights … Read more

I Don’t Actually Care If You Join My Business Opportunity

We  had just finished up a business presentation with a prospect who seemed interested. “We” in this case was one of my team members who had asked me to come help with the presentation. The prospect did not join. We shook hands and when the prospect had left, my team member looked at me and asked, … Read more

Top 10 NBA Ankle Breakers from March 2014

Excellence comes FROM and AFTER hard work! Every successful business person knows what every successful athlete knows. If you want to succeed, you are going to have to put in the work to develop the tools that will give you the competitive edge. This is a great example of some NBA players who have put … Read more

Internet Marketing Myths

The world is full of internet marketing myths. You can absolutely create internet marketing success but you must get away from the myths and focus on what actually creates results. Far too many people come to the inaccurate conclusion that “internet marketing doesn’t work” when the reality is that what they tried didn’t work. So, … Read more

Don’t Believe These Internet Marketing Myths

Internet Marketing Myths Disputed If you have been in online marketing, you understand that it is not easy for a beginner who is plagued with a lot of wrong ideas. It gets difficult to decipher the misconceptions from reality, which is a very crucial step to be successful. In this article we shall be busting … Read more