How To Succeed In Network Marketing

succeed in network marketingHave you ever wondered how people actually succeed in network marketing? While we all know someone who knows someone who “Tried one of those deals”, most of us have no real idea how to actually succeed in network marketing.

This article is designed to help you understand the big differences between those who reach a level of network marking success and those who become another line in the statistics sheet.

One of the biggest differences I notice is that people who succeed in network marketing didn’t “join a program”. They started a business. They have a business mindset. People who have the mentality of “joining a program” are typically the same people that end up jumping from program to program. They “hope” to get lucky. They want “find the right sponsor” or “get in before the wave” or some other concept other than what business builders actually do.

Business people investigate a business opportunity as a business. They look at the product or service being offered. Is there an actual need or desire for the product/service itself? They look at the owners and management team. They want to know if this team can take the business through the inevitable ups and downs that all businesses go through.

They do, of course, look at the pay plan. Any business person wants to know “How am I going to get paid?”. And, they know that commissions, payments, bonuses, etc… are going to be tied to production. They know that money gets made when people buy.

Once they decide to start their business, they get plugged in to the training. They recognize that they will need to learn some things to improve their success rate. They will spend time on product or service knowledge. They will spend some time learning how the compensation plan works. They will spend some time learning how to find answers, how to get support, etc…

They will allocate some money for marketing, training, promotion, etc… This might include advertising, traveling to events, marketing tools, etc… It might be as simple as setting up their online advertising and email marketing systems. They know that these are tools they will use because they want to succeed in network marketing and they treat it like a business.

They know that not everybody is going to stick with it. Prospecting is all a part of the process. When someone “joins your team”, they are really just a more engaged prospect. Until they commit to working with you and building a business, they are still just a more engaged prospect.

In my own experience, even after someone fills out the form to “join”, I don’t think of them as an actual business partner until I see them actually DOING the things I train all my team members to do. Until then, they are either a “customer” or still an “engaged prospect”.

Business minded people succeed in network marketing because they know they are building business. They are ready to put in the work and make things happen. They spend no time asking why their upline didn’t make them more money. They don’t ask “When am I getting paid?”. They are simply too busy actually doing the work to generate leads, drive sales, and then teach their team to generate leads and drive sales.

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