Stop Trying To Find The Perfect MLM Sponsor

BE The Perfect MLM Sponsor!

perfect mlm sponsorEvery day, I hear from someone complaining about the sponsor they chose when they joined XYZ company. “My sponsor never _________” or “My sponsor always _________” or “My sponsor should ___________” and so on. I never really spend any time on it. I don’t see anything in any pay plan that attaches my commissions to something my sponsor does. All commissions are based on my sales and the sales of those in my downline.

Instead of trying to find the perfect mlm sponsor, try becoming the perfect mlm sponsor.

News Flash: There is no such thing as the perfect mlm sponsor!

So, let’s take a look at how to be a productive MLM sponsor.

Here is what a real mlm sponsor is focused on:

  1. Generating New Leads.
  2. Driving New Sales and Enrollments.
  3. Teaching Their Downline To Do The Same.

That’s really it. It isn’t your sponsor’s job to provide customer support. That’s the company’s job. Your sponsor can help with training but my advice is that your sponsor redirect you to the company training.

The primary job of a true mlm sponsor is to provide the example they want their team to follow.

I get it from both sides:

  • The “sponsor” that complains to me about their downline. My advice is always the same: “Focus on doing the the things you wish they were doing. Be the example. You will attract more real builders and team members.”.
  • The downline that complains about their sponsor. My advice is always the same: “Take responsibility for your success. Plug in to the company training. Do the things you wish your sponsor was doing and set the example for your downline.”.

In both cases, I am emphasizing personal responsibility.

Everywhere I look, I see examples of what I would call good and bad sponsors. The good sponsors are focused on personally generating new leads, personally driving new sales, and teaching their downline how to do the same. When they are focused on those activities, they are growing their business and simply don’t have time for the whiny stuff and distractions about things that don’t grow the business.

Personally, I make a point of taking daily action to generate new leads and bring in new sales. I personally make a point of teaching my team members how to do the same. When I get complaints (and I do get complaints), I refer them back to how to generate new leads and drive new sales.

When you approach your business like a business, you realize the importance of these activities. Growth comes from your personal lead generation and sales activities. Leverage comes when you teach your team how to do the same. Build a big enough team of people doing these activities and you can create wealth.

What are some of the ways your sponsor has been a great example to you?

What are some of the ways you have been a great example to your team?

Share in the comments, below …

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