Hurricane Harvey and TOAN

Hurricane Harvey and TOAN

hurricane harveyJust a quick update on Hurricane Harvey and The Online Ad Network (TOAN)If you are watching the news, you are aware of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas Coast. Here in Houston, this is leading to a lot of rain, wind, etc…

The forecast we are getting indicates that this will continue over the next several days. We are watching the situation closely.

The TOAN servers are housed in strong reliable resources with a considerable amount of redundancy and we do not anticipate any downtime during this period.

For our members in and around the area, be safe. Take necessary precautions.

Know that your advertising is beign displayed around the world.

For everyone else, continue using and accessing your tools and training to promote and grow your business without concern about downtimes.

Support tickets and responses may be a bit slow as we are running a skeleton crew and focused on higher priority tasks during this time.

If you would like to follow along, we are watching updates at

Brian Rooney