Basics of Network Marketing Success

basics of network marketing successAre you trying to understand the basics of network marketing success? Do you know what successful marketers know? This article can help.

You’re already considering some sort of network marketing venture which is why you found this article. So let’s talk about some of the basic components of creating and experiencing network marketing success in your own world.

This is going to seem really basic, maybe even rudimentary, but the first key to network marketing success is to realize that we are talking about netWORK marketing. It’s not “sign up marketing” or “net luck marketing”. Real network marketing is a business model. Yes, you can build an incredible income stream, but the key is to realize that you will be building the income stream. Nobody “finds” success in this industry. Success comes after work (except in the dictionary).

So, what sort of work are you actually doing?

There are a variety of products and services being offered through network marketing. This is probably where you will want to start. What sort of products or services do you want to get involved with in your business?

I hear about “products that everybody needs”. I hear folks saying “everybody should be doing this”. I understand the enthusiasm, but if you really want to experience network marketing success, you will want to identify who your market really is (and no, it’s not actually “everybody”). I experienced a reasonable amount of success with a company that offered coffee and tea products. No question that this is a HUGE market. Believe it or not, there are people that do not drink coffee or tea. So, my first task was to identify who my potential customers were. My advertising and my personal interactions with people included asking folks if they drink coffee or tea. If they said “no”, I might be done with that particular conversation. If they were truly business minded, there might be more to talk about.

Two businesses I have today focus on email marketing and online advertising. Neither of these services are for “Everybody”. The email marketing company is specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs. This is a massive market. The advertising company focuses specifically on offering advertising to people involved with network marketing. This is also a rather large market. I spend zero time trying to convince “everybody” that they should be involved with either company. I use my advertising to identify the right prospects: People involved in building their business and people involved with network marketing.

Then … I show the folks I’ve identified how my service can help them solve a problem.

This brings us to the next step you will need to master if you want to experience network marketing success. Show prospects how your product or service can help them solve a problem.

Think of it this way:

What do your prospects want to do or avoid?
Can your product or service help them get that taken care of?

If it can, you may be looking at your next customer! 

And, guess what. If you really want to experience success, you will need to gather customers. These are the people that actually USE your products or services.

Have you noticed that the basics of network marketing success look a lot like success in any other type of business?

Identify a problem or need.
Identify a solution.
Provide that solution to the market place.

A lot of times, I see folks focused on trying to choose a company based on the income plan. This is a big mistake. If your company isn’t helping people in some way, your income plan is irrelevant. It simply won’t last.

Focus on the products and services.
Focus on leadership. Is there a good leadership team in place?
Can the company train and support you along the way?

THEN, look at the income plan to understand how they pay and what you will be required to do to reach your own income goals.

The basics of network marketing success are really fairly simple. Help people solve a problem. The money will follow.

What other tips do you have to help people understand and experience the basics of network marketing success? Feel free to share in the comments, below.

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