MLM Success Formula

mlm success formulaIs there an actual MLM Success Formula? I believe there is. Over the past 20+ years, as I have experienced various levels of MLM success and interacted with some incredibly successful MLM leaders, I keep seeing some of the same patterns appearing.

There really isn’t any “luck” to it. I have been a full-time network marketer over the past 20+ years. I’ve experienced a number of challenges and a number of successes. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to spend time with leaders who have built 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes.

No matter what company they were with, no matter what product or service they offered, no matter what sort of compensation plan they were working on, these leaders all have a few things in common. This is where I believe the real MLM Success Formula can be found.

MLM Success Formula

Belief is a big ingredient. Success starts with the belief that success is available. In fact, most would go so far as to say that they believed success was inevitable. No matter what their background … No matter their current situation … when they absolutely BELIEVED that they could create the life they wanted to live, they began to experience success.

Learning has always been a factor. Whether they came from a blue collar background, a highly educated background, tremendous success, or a place of struggle, they took their business seriously enough to LEARN the ways that lead to success in this industry. That might have included personal coaching and mentoring. It could have been audio books, attending conferences, watching Youtube videos, or a combination of all these. The key was that they recognized that they needed to learn a new way. MLM doesn’t follow the traditional strategies most of us were taught in school.

Action always plays a role. Once you believe you can make it happen, and you begin learning the skills, you need to be in action. Action for network marketers comes down to prospecting, generating leads, presenting, following up, and training.

One of the challenges with this formula is that it is just as simple to NOT follow it as it can be to stay consistent. Life gets busy. Schedules get crazy. Life happens. If you get taken out of the game, you  just go back to Belief …. Learn … and take Action.

This MLM Success Formula has been proven over the years. It’s not about finding a “magic button” or that “perfect team” or “the best sponsor”. It really comes down to YOU and how well you follow the formula. No matter who your sponsor is .. if YOU follow the formula, you can experience incredible success in this industry.

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