Failing In Network Marketing

failing in network marketingAm I failing in network marketing? Most of the people I invite to start a home based business tell me “No”. So, I guess that is “failing”. And yet … my business grows.

Most of the time, when I talk to someone, they look at me funny. Some of them even make fun of me. They laugh like I slipped and hit my head.  But my business keeps growing.

When someone doesn’t join my business, I can easily start to feel like I’m failing in network marketing.

When someone doesn’t use my product or service, I can easily start to feel like I’m failing in network marketing.

Most of the time, when someone new to network marketing hears “no” or gets that chuckle, they tend to give up. They get embarrassed and it becomes easier to quit.

Many of these same people will spend good money to go watch other professionals fail over 70% of the time at their jobs. They quit their own business, but will pay to watch someone else fail in their business.

Sound crazy? Think about this for a minute:

Professional baseball players earn anywhere from $550,000 to $35,000,000 per year.

Over 50% of those players are multi-millionaires. And they ALL FAIL WAY MORE THAN THEY SUCCEED.

The average Batting Average in Major League Baseball (2019) is .252

This means these guys get paid a LOT of money to MISS WAY MORE THAN THEY HIT!

Do they strike out and then say, “This doesn’t work. I quit!”?
Do they strike out and then say, “Man, this is a scam.”?
Do they strike out and then just give up?
They absolutely hate striking out. You can see it every time it happens (and it happens a LOT).

So what do they do? The professionals are constantly working on their skills to get that slight advantage and then they go back up to the plate and swing again…. and again … and again.

MOST of the time, they strike out.
A few times, they get a base hit. And, still may get taken out before they score.
Even fewer times, they hit a home run.

I believe the same principle applies when building a network marketing business.

Most of the people I talk to tell me “No”. (strike out)
Some do complete a registration form and get an ID. (base hit)
Some of those actually do a little work. (score here and there)
A few of them really get after it. (hit a home run)

I am failing in network marketing … a LOT.

And my business keeps growing. The key to success:

Keep working on your skill set.
Keep taking those “at bats” by inviting and presenting.
The work you do in between “games” is where the improvement comes from.

Brian Rooney

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