I Don’t Actually Care If You Join My Business Opportunity

We  had just finished up a business presentation with a prospect who seemed interested. “We” in this case was one of my team members who had asked me to come help with the presentation. The prospect did not join. We shook hands and when the prospect had left, my team member looked at me and asked, … Read more

Why You Should Be Using AutoResponders In Your Business

Have you ever filled out an online form to request information, updates, prizes, emails, etc… ? Then you’ve used an autoresponder. Put simply, an autoresponder is a tool that is designed to automatically respond to requests for information.

Email Marketing and How It Works

If you have been involved with internet marketing for any length of time, there is no doubt that you have come across the phrase, “The Fortune Is In The List”. This phrase refers to the importance of building and managing your own in-house email marketing list. Let’s take a look at what email marketing is, how to get started, and how to succeed doing it.