Why You Should Be Using AutoResponders In Your Business

You may not actually know what an autoresponder is but I bet you’ve used one.

BrianRooneyHave you ever filled out an online form to request information, updates, prizes, emails, etc… ? Then you’ve used an autoresponder. Put simply, an autoresponder is a tool that is designed to automatically respond to requests for information.

Restaurants use autoresponders to announce specials and events.

Entertainers use autoresponders to announce communicate with their fan base, send out performance dates, invite fans to cd release parties, promote special events, etc…

Sales people use autoresponders to generate and follow up with sales leads.

Trainers use autoresponders to update, train, and serve their training clients.

Leaders use autoresponders to communicate with their teams.

Whether your business is online, offline, or both, you should be using autoresponders to help build targeted lists of people that want more information and lists of people you do business with.

Here is a great video detailing how one internet marketer used his autoresponder campaign to generate $480 with the click of a few buttons and a couple of short message.

To learn more about how autoresponders can help you in your business, check out these email marketing service listings.

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