Are MLM Tools A Waste of Time?

It’s Really Up To You, But You Need To Decide … 


mlm toolsShould you be using MLM Tools in your network marketing business? When I say “tools”, I mean any sort of system, product, or service designed to help you advertise, generate leads, make presentations, follow up with prospects, etc… This might be online text ads, email marketing, online banner advertising, traffic exchanges, capture pages, DVD’s, online videos, drop cards, etc…

There seem to be two camps on the issue of using tools or not using tools. One camp says they are a waste of time and the other camp claims that using tools is the key to their success.

For me, the real answer comes down to how and why you use your mlm tools. The best example I can think of is the carpenter that goes in to a builder’s supply store. He saw a particular set of tools on a TV show he was watching and decided to buy the tools. He is a professional and he has identified that these tools can help him be more efficient in his craft.

For him, mlm tools make good sense.

But what about the guy that is watching all these remodeling shows and sees all the commercials. He gets excited and decides to go out and buy a set of tools. They’re shiny. That guy on the TV show was doing some great stuff! The tools sit in the garage for weeks. Nothing gets built. For this guy, purchasing tools was a bad idea.

This guy will eventually take the tools back and ask for a refund, claiming “they don’t work”.

Tools don’t do the work for you.
Tools won’t replace common sense and good old fashioned work ethic.

But if you LEARN your tools and you USE them to help you get your actual work done faster, then tools are definitely a good idea for you.

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2 thoughts on “Are MLM Tools A Waste of Time?”

  1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head Brian, the old adage that “A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools” Still holds true. Many people jump from one new shiny thing to the next, leaving behind them a trail of tools, services and products that allegedly do not work. If they only spent a little time researching before buying and then learning how to use their purchases correctly, they would see more success.

    • Your timing is perfect. I just got through reading an email from someone telling me, “it doesn’t work”. I had to agree. It doesn’t work. WE have to do the work. The tools just help us do the work better and faster once we’ve learned how to use them. I used to go through the same thing when I taught music lessons. Some students understood that they were starting at the beginning and needed to learn the basics. They were willing to put in the time and they got better. Others were extremely disappointed that they didn’t sound just like me or their favorite bass player in just one lesson and would quit.

      I like how you put it. “If they only spent a little time …. ”

      Very well said, Geoff.


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