I Don’t Actually Care If You Join My Business Opportunity

BrianRooneyWe  had just finished up a business presentation with a prospect who seemed interested. “We” in this case was one of my team members who had asked me to come help with the presentation. The prospect did not join.

We shook hands and when the prospect had left, my team member looked at me and asked, “How do you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked.

He said, “You acted like you didn’t actually care if they joined or not.”. I chuckled and said, “You think that was an act. I don’t actually care if they join or not.”.

“Why not? Don’t we want everybody to join us?”, he asked.

I had given a strong presentation. I already believe in what I’m doing and have the success to prove it. Success, in this case, means a variety of achievement pins, a strong residual income, a very nice car bonus (which I had parked by the window where we were sitting … on purpose), and a level of time freedom that seems to make many of my friends a little jealous.

I wasn’t there to try and convince this prospect that they needed to do something in particular. I was there to simply explain and reveal that I had found a way that, in my own experience, absolutely works better than most job situations around the world.

This prospect had given me all the reasons for why she didn’t want another job, how she needed more time to be with her kids, how she wanted to travel more, etc… I had demonstrated how she would be able to build a higher level of income, how she could free up more time to be with her kids, how she would be able to travel anywhere she wanted to go. She had seen the car and understood how I had qualified for it. I had assured her that I would help her through every step that I had taken to get the car and would help her get one for herself.

So why didn’t she join? She wasn’t ready yet. She was excited about more income, time freedom, a nice car, traveling, etc.. but still said “no”.

I didn’t get upset about it because I knew that I had more people to talk to, more presentations to make, and it would simply be a matter of time before one of them got involved. AND … this is important … I knew we would be talking with her again. Something would change as it always does. Her job situation might get worse. She might take a pay cut. She might miss one more school event with her kids. She might see another great travel opportunity that she simply couldn’t afford or wouldn’t be able to take time off for.

We would stay in touch. We would let her know how things are progressing with our team. When the time is right, she will come on board. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

I used to try and convince people why they should join … and join now! And they would join!

Then I would spend time trying to convince them that they need to get to work in order to achieve the results.

Then I would have to spend time convincing them not to quit when things weren’t happening as fast as they wanted.

Over time, this starts to feel like herding cats!

These days, I look for people who are HUNGRY to learn more and READY to learn more. From there, they need to be willing to take action. So I simply ask questions to see if they are actually ready. I ask them to take a few steps like watching a brief video presentation, reading a couple of articles, or dialing in to a quick phone call for a quick overview.

If they can’t (or more accurately WON’T) take those simple steps, that just tells me that they are not actually ready to begin building and will not be a good investment of my own time.  Yet.

Things may change and they may come back later. I’ve seen people come back months later or even years later when they see that I’m still working from home, enjoying life, traveling, and having one great experience after another and they are still working a schedule set by someone else to qualify for a check determined by someone else.

They’ve been down that road enough and now they are READY to start a new journey with me. That is a lot more fun to work with someone who WANTS to make a change in their life.

We still have to promote We still have to invite. We still have to present. A lot of people in network marketing believe the presentations are about convincing people to join. For me, the presentation serves one purpose:

To Find  Out Who Is Ready To Run With Me!

If they’re not ready now, they don’t need to join. Maybe they’ll be ready later. I’ll still be here.