Creating MLM Wealth

creating mlm wealthAre you serious about creating mlm wealth?

I have assembled some of the best tips available to help you truly create mlm wealth in your business. Bear in mind that these are tips that all require you to be actively involved.

Everybody I know can tell me they “want” something. Very few are actively working to create it. Successful business people don’t wait for their upline. Successful business people don’t hope something happens. They are out making it happen on a daily basis.

If you want to create mlm wealth, here are some of the things you will want to be doing:

Don’t Just Focus On “Getting Sign Ups”. Create and add value to people with your products, services, and opportunity. Seek out people that want your help. We are in the “sorting business”. When we are advertising and talking to prospects, we are sorting to find out who is interested. Once someone signs up with our team, we are now sorting to find out who is committed to actually working with us toward building a solid business. A lot of people that sign up will not stay with you. They will quit. Those who stay and work with you are your real team members.

Lead by example. Be busy DOING the things you wish your team members would do. If you want to attract the right team builder, BE the right team builder. Be somebody you would want on your own team. When your downline asks you how to generate leads, follow up, and close sales, you should be able to show them by example. If you are new, you should be able to introduce them to your sponsor/upline for the example.

Build The Brand Of YOU. People aren’t actually looking for “the right company”. They are looking for the right leader. Build and control YOUR prospect lists. Build and promote YOUR team. Build YOUR business by being a solid example The most successful mlm leaders I know are constantly building and promoting their brand. When you do this, no matter what any company does, YOU still have control over YOUR lists and YOUR business.

Ask Questions. Find out what people want. When you can show someone how your product, service, or opportunity will help them fill a need or avoid pain, it is much easier to build your business.

Be Consistent.  I talk to people all the time telling me why they didn’t run their ads, didn’t follow up, couldn’t make it to the training. And then they ask me why their business isn’t growing. And … they ask me what to do. I tell them: Run your ads. Follow up with prospects. Attend the trainings. We have to consistently do the work if we want results.

LISTEN. I see it all the time. Someone starts talking and they just dump all sorts of information about their product or opportunity in people. Then they wonder why nobody signs up. Make a point of asking questions and LISTEN to the answer. When you learn to listen, you learn to identify people who are ready and HUNGY to learn more.

As you begin to apply these same principles to your business, you can begin to create mlm wealth.

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