MLM Money Makers – How They Do It

Have you ever wondered how the MLM Money Makers are doing it? Believe it or not, there are a few things they all have in common, no matter what company they are working with.

The real MLM Money Makers are consistently focused on these activities:

1) Prospecting Whether online, offline, or both, they know that they need to be constantly inviting and presenting to new faces. This can be through live presentations, online capture pages, networking, etc… They know that if they stop prospecting, their business stops growing. They use technology to help with mlm lead generation on a daily basis.

2) Closing Closing the deal is where the money gets made. They follow up. They ask questions. They invite feedback. They aren’t leaving their business to luck. They are proactively generating new leads and following up with existing leads. They use technology to automate the follow up and sorting process as much as they can.

3) Training The real MLM Money Maker knows that the big money is in training their team to do the first two steps. They will spend time teaching their team members how to prospect and how to close the deal. This doesn’t mean they do the work FOR their team. They show them team how to do the work that is required while they keep their focus on the first 2 steps.

The MLM Money Maker doesn’t spend time asking about when they will get spillover. They are simply too busy creating spillover by following the above steps on a consistent basis.

The MLM Money Maker doesn’t spend any time complaining or listening to those members that waste time complaining. They are simply building their business. They recognize that some folks prefer to complain or whine. Since they understand that money is made when business is being done, they spend their time doing business and working with those team members who are doing business.

What are some of the other common characteristics and activities you see from the top MLM Money Makers?

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