Why Network Marketing Sucks

network marketing sucksNetwork Marketing Sucks. Or, so people like to say. I’ve been in the industry for over 18 years. I have seen success stories and stories of ridiculous failures. There is no shortage of reasons for folks to think network marketing sucks. Let’s check out a few, together.

Here are some of the realities that anyone involved with network marketing experiences:

Nobody wants to join. It can certainly feel that way, especially when all you are hearing is “no”. Somehow, people keep building. This shows us that there are people saying “yes”. The solution may be to learn a better way to pitch and present your information.

People say it’s a scam. They’ve got enough evidence to support this idea, unless they actually study the industry. Most of the scams we hear about are perpetrated by people running pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes and network marketing are not the same thing. Usually, when I hear this complaint, I ask the person to explain the difference. They can’t. Do some research if you really want to understand network marketing.

Team members are quitting. It happens every day. Someone signs up and their sponsor gets really excited. Then, after a few months, weeks, or even days, they quit. It just happens. Not everybody is ready to do the actual work involved to build a business. So, they say “network marketing sucks” and they quit. People quit regular jobs, too. People drop out of school. People quit doing all sorts of things. This is simply how things work. Not everybody has what it takes to finish the race.

I don’t have time to build. I get this one a lot. Folks tell me they don’t have time to build a business. They already work from 9 to 5. They raise kids. Taking on a new business requires time. Yet, somehow, people do it every day. Maybe they spend a few hours each week on their business instead of watching TV shows. When I first got started with this internet marketing and network marketing project, I was married and rising 5 small children. I was working multiple part-time jobs, teaching music lessons, and playing music on the weekends. I would come home from work or a gig, grab a bite to eat and start learning, studying, and applying information. There were times I didn’t sleep for 2 and 3 days straight. When I hear someone tell me they don’t have time, I’m already done listening. We CHOOSE how to spend our time.

I don’t have ANY money to put in to my business. Let’s say it takes every dollar you make to pay your bills and eat. Let’s assume you have done a strict process or eliminating all unnecessary expenses and you still don’t have even a few dollars to put in to your business. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do for free to get stared. The better news is that you can actually create some money on the side by following Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice and create cash with stuff people are giving away.

I am afraid to talk to people. So what. Most of us are. This is one reason I use email marketing and advertising. I find people that WANT to know more about what I have to offer. This makes it a lot easier to talk to people and build my business. Once you have some success, believe me… it becomes a LOT easier to talk to people.

All of these things you just read are some of the very excuses and justifications that people use to give up. MOST people give up. They say “network marketing sucks” because they are experiencing challenges and they walk away. It doesn’t make them bad people. It just means they quit.

The difference between those who succeed and those who give up is that some people use these same items to push themselves.

They find more people to talk to.
They get better at presenting.
They get better educated on network marketing.
They get better at time management.
They get better at managing and making their money.
They learn how to generate leads and follow up.

And they build their business.

And, then … after they put in the work … after the put in the time … after they took the bumps and bruises … and they experience success, their friends think they got lucky. And, when these friends are invited to partner with the successful ones, they say, “Network marketing sucks.”.


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