Success In Network Marketing

success in network marketingAre you struggling to find success in network marketing? You’re not alone. The good news is that we can identify the habits of those who are experiencing success and those who are not.

From there, we have to make the decision to actually do the stuff that works so we can experience success in network marketing. Ready to learn more?

With more than 18 years of experience, I can’t say I know it all. I have definitely learned a few things and I would like to share them with you.

Success In Network Marketing Comes Down To A Few Basic Principles

Recognize that network marketing is a business. If you can’t tell me what your company actually sells in the first 30 seconds, you either don’t have a business or you don’t know enough about the business you are in.

There is no denying that we want to make money. All entrepreneurs have that in common. But real network marketing is not a lottery. Joining any real network marketing business gives you access to training, tools, and systems to help move products and/or services. That’s what businesses do. They provide products and/or services.

What does your company sell? For example: Here at The Online Ad Network, we well advertising.

Recognize that success in network marketing takes work. I talk to a lot of folks who fill out a registration form and start asking, “When do I get paid?”.  They don’t attend training. They don’t get product knowledge. And then they blame their upline or the company when they aren’t seeing income. If you aren’t prepared to put in some work to create income, you are not going to experience real success in network marketing.

success in network marketingLead Generation is CRITICAL to your success in network marketing. Wether you are just starting out or if you’ve got decades of experience, lead generation is absolutely critical to your success. When you stop generating leads for your business, sales will go down. When sales go down, your business is dieing.

Most of my lead generation is done online. Folks are out there searching for ways to make money from home. I run my ads to let them know I can help. I generate a steady flow of online leads and then follow up with them to identity new customers and new team members. My lead generation never stops. This is why I can grow my business.

Here are some hard truths about success in network marketing:

Many of the people you talk to will not be ready. That’s ok. Be patient. Stay in touch. Follow up. The day may come when they are open to learning more. If you have built good rapport, they may come to you when the time is right.

Many of the people who join are going to quit. This is just a fact of life in the world of network marketing. They may “want” things to be different but they may not be ready to learn new skills. They may not be ready to change what they are doing. Until they are, you can’t really do much for them. They will most likely quit. This is the biggest reason you want to be constantly generating new leads.

Success in network marketing may not be easy but the principles are really simple:

Treat your business like a business.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Generate new leads on a regular basis.
Teach your team to do the same.

What have been some of your best and worst experiences as you create success in network marketing for yourself?

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