Generate More MLM Leads and Income

mlm leadsMLM Leads are the key to success in your network marketing business. Any successful network marketer knows they need to keep a steady flow of leads coming in if they want to grow. The challenge is finding the best mlm leads.

Should you buy a list or generate your own? What are the best mlm leads? How can you get them?

The short answer is:

The Best MLM Leads Are Leads You Generate Yourself

When you buy leads, you are sharing those leads with many other people who bought the same list.

When you generate your own MLM leads, you are specifically attracting and talking to people who are interested in learning  more about what you have to offer.

Over the past 18 years, I have focused most of my activity on generating new MLM leads and teaching others how to do the same.

Which of these scenarios makes more sense to you?

Option 1: Making That List of Friends and Family. Unless you are wired a certain way, this is method scares a lot of people. You can experience success, but most (especially rookies) end up alienating friends and family with this method.

Option 2: Buying a list. When you buy that list, you need to understand that other network marketers also bought that list. The people you get are going to get calls, emails, cards, and letters from a number of others like yourself. It can be challenging to stand out from the competition.

Option 3: Generating Your Now MLM Leads. When you generate your own leads, you are giving yourself a strong advantage. These are people who are specifically saying to you, “I want to know more.”.  This sort of lead is what I consider the “hottest” lead available. Why? They asked me for information! I just let my autoresponder follow up to give them the details. By the time I hear from them, it is usually to help them get started.

To be clear, each of these options can be effective. Over the years, I’ve tried them all. I’ve experience various levels of success with each option. For me, generating my own MLM Leads has proven to be the most effective option.

I run my ads to promote my capture pages. When people ask for more information by filling out my capture form, my autoresponder takes over.

By generating a steady flow of leads, I’m able to increase my income by growing my business.

Would you like to generate your own MLM Leads?

Would you like to generate more income in the process?




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