Keys To Making Money Online

making money onlineMaking money online really isn’t that complicated. You keep hearing about other people doing it. Maybe you even know somebody who has built some sort of online income stream. Maybe you’re wondering if you could do it, too. This article should help. (It really doesn’t have to be that complicated.)

The first step to making money online is that you really do need something to sell. I have people asking me, all the the time, about making money online. When I ask them what they want to sell, they look at my like I just made it up.

Everybody you see actually making money online is selling something. They could be selling information, products, or services. Money is made when a sale takes place.

That ebook you bought? The author made money when you bought it.

That really slick gadget you bought from The person that sold it to you make money when you bought it. If they didn’t make the product, then someone else made money when you bought it: The manufacturer.

That service you signed up for online? The company that provides that service made money when you bought it. If someone recommended that service to you as an Affiliate, that Affiliate made money when you bought it.

To boil it down to the basic idea: Making money online is the result of providing a service, product, or information online. You don’t even have to be the one that created the service, the product, or the information. Many companies are looking for motivated individuals to refer customer. When you refer customers, you earn commissions on every sale you bring to the company. It’s called “Affiliate Marketing” and a lot of people do very well with this method of making money online.

If you are what I call a “tech head”, maybe you have the skills to write code, track inventory, process orders, and all that geeky stuff.

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have an idea or two and just need a tech head to help get the code done. Sites like can be a great place to start looking.

A lot of people think I’m a “computer person” because I have made my living online since early 2000. I’m really a marketing person. I found people that know how to write code. We struck a deal, and the journey was started.

Maybe you don’t have your own ideas but you can refer others to services and products you believe in. Sites like,, and many others make it possible for you to make money online by referring customers. They have already handled all the programming, stocking, shipping, etc… You handle the marketing and start making money online.

Do you like to write? Maybe starting your own blog is a good idea for you. You can make money with your blog by selling advertising, selling your own products, consulting, etc…

The best piece of advice I can give you is to get started. Try some things you are interested in. Remember the Pet Rock? Have you heard bout Tirdy Works?  Anything is possible. You just need to get in to action and start running some of those ideas that are banging around in your head.

Maybe you will be the next person actually making money online!


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