MLM Advertising Tips

mlm advertising tipsLooking for MLM Advertising Tips to grow your business? You’re not alone. Daily, I have people contacting me to ask for mlm advertising tips. They want to make the most of their lead generation and business growth. I’d like to share with you the same things I tell them.

Here are some of my best mlm advertising tips:

Do Not Advertise The Company Name In many cases, the company you’re involved with most likely prohibits the use of their name in advertising. And, if you do advertise the company name, you are building the company brand. Your focus should be on building YOUR brand.

Focus On Benefits You want to keep your potential prospects in mind. You want to think like they think. Your ad copy should present a solution to a problem they are facing. Whether you are working on SEO, Banners, Text Ads, Safelists, your headline, subject line, and copy should all scream the benefits of whatever it is that you are offering.

Test And Tweak You want to take advantage of split run testing to get the most impact from your mlm advertising. This helps you narrow down your advertising impact for the best possible results and eliminates the guess work.

Be Consistent I see a lot of newbies and rookies run an ad a few times and then quit. They quit for a number of reasons. Maybe they didn’t see results right away. Split run testing would have helped, of course. By staying focused and staying consistent, you can continue to generate new leads on a regular basis.

Be Patient The stories we love to see look like “overnight success stories”. The reality is that the people you are reading about spent time, money, and effort learning how to build a successful business. We only heard about them after they became successful.

Someone I learned from a few years ago said, “Brian, the time is going to go by anyway. Being consistent, focused and patient will help you get the results you are looking for.”

The psychology of advertising comes down to this:

Think like your prospects. Create your ads to show prospects how you can help them.

The final item on my mlm advertising tips is that you should focus your advertising on lead generation. This is incredibly important. A big mistake I see is when people are advertising their registration page. When someone clicks your ad, they should go to your capture page.

This lets you build your list of prospects. Every successful network marketing professional you have seen has a list. They focus on building their own brand. This way, no matter what happens to the company, YOU are in good shape and can continue building whatever it is you are involved with.

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