Split-Run Testing for Advertising Results with TOAN

Let’s say you want to promote your Acme Widget offer. You can run unlimited unique ads in your account. A common mistake made by advertisers is that they just create a bunch of ads and run all of them all of the time without testing results. The ads may even be exactly the same. When you do this, you’re flying blind and not really giving yourself a solid opportunity to succeed with your ads.

This is where split-run testing can come in very handy.

Instead of just running multiple copies of the same ad over and over again (which is a waste of time), do this:

Create 4 or 5 versions of the ad headline and keep the copy the same. Just use a different subject/headline for each ad version.

Then let the ads run for a while.

View your advertising stats to see which ad (if any) produced more click-throughs than the others.

If no ads got clicks or they were all even, start over. Use different headlines.

Once you have a clear leader, run only the most effective version of your ad to get the best results.

Now begin testing different ad copy. Leave the headlines the same but use different ad copy for each version of the ad.

Let the ads run for a while again. When you have a clear leader, delete the extra ads. You don’t need them.

The more testing you do, the better you are able to identify which ads are productive. You can then use that productive ad and lose the unproductive ads.

When it comes to successful advertising, there is a blend of “art and science” involved. Testing is the only way to really know what is working and what is not. Testing helps you remove the emotion and mystery. By seeing what your market is replying to, you are able to see what appeals to them and make better decisions as an advertiser.

This is one reason The Online Ad Network is such a great value. You can run unlimited split-run testing to find the best possible advertising copy and headline for your offer.

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