The TOAN Matrix De-mystified

How does the TOAN Matrix work?

toan matrixTheOnlineAdNetwork (TOAN) uses a 3×10 matrix system to track sales within your organization. This just means that you can have 3 referrals directly below you on your first level. Those referrals can each have 3 (for a total of 9) and so on through 10 levels of depth.

A question we often hear is something like, “Where am I in the matrix?”.

The answer is: At The Very Top Of Your Own Matrix.


toan matrix


As your referrals refer others, they will each also be at the top of their very own matrix.

As the 2nd level all refer people, their own first level begins to fill up.

The reason we always focus from your position down is that it really doesn’t matter what is happening above you. IF your upline is very aggressive, you do have the potential to see some “spill over” as some of their referrals spill over to your levels. But if you are referring and teaching your referrals how to do the same, this is an example of how a matrix can begin to fill.

Of course, as some will be better than others at referring, the matrix will not necessarily be balanced. Referral 1 could be very aggressive while referral 2 is pretty laid back. This would result in referral 1’s downline growing faster than referral 2’s downline. This would mean that your own matrix would be unbalanced as the growth of “1” outpaced the growth of “2”.

Other factors include someone dropping out of the program. This would create a hole in the matrix that would need to be filled by either moving someone up from the level below OR by filling that spot with the next new referral.

Hopefully, this gives a basic idea of how the 3×10 matrix plan is laid out with The Online Ad Network. Other company matrix programs may be different, of course. But this is how you can get a visual of your organization growing with us.

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4 thoughts on “The TOAN Matrix De-mystified”

  1. Gracias es muy interesante su aclaracion , y lo que en mi caso es buscar que nadie de los mios trate de desequilibrar la Matrix , pues un grupo unido y con dedicacion pueden pasar muchas cosas buenas y venideras , para un futuro mejor , si cada cual de las lineas sea ascendente , o descendente pusiera en marcha esas reglas todo nos sale bien , gracias de nuevo y que Dios los Bendiga

    In “Google” English:

    With your clarification is very interesting, and what for me is to find that none of mine try to unbalance the Matrix, as a united group and with dedication can go many good things and come to a better future, if each one of lines is ascending or descending order put in place these rules at all we go well, thanks again and God Bless

    • The reality is that you should expect that some people will quit and some will lose their accounts due to non-payment. It’s just a fact of life. It doesn’t have to stop your organization from growing. Working together as a team will definitely help overall growth. But I think it is very unrealistic to expect everyone to stay and nobody to ever drop out or get terminated.

  2. When does one break even with the monthly fee of 20$? 3 referrals? I’m in TOAN due to a collective program RT and am wondering when Mr. JM will fill out my 3 refferals, since it’s my second month at TOAN.

    • TOAN Affiliates become profitable with their first three referrals on their first level.

      As for “when”, that all depends on you. If you’re waiting on someone else to fill your first level, there’s no telling when (or if) that will actually happen.

      However, if you take on your own success and begin introducing other network marketers to The Online Ad Network, you reach profitability as soon as you get your first level filled with other advertisers.

      It’s really pretty easy. Every network marketer needs good leads.

      What better way to generate the best targeted leads than to run your own ad(s) on a site dedicated to network marketing information?


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