Common Advertising Mistakes

Are you making these common advertising mistakes?

common advertising mistakesDespite what some folks may seem to believe, advertising absolutely works. This is why we see so much of it! If that business wasn’t getting a good advertising return, you wouldn’t have been seeing their ads all these years. The key is to manage your advertising effectively. This article is intended to point out some of the common advertising mistakes we see and help you avoid them in your own advertising.

Inaccurate Targeting The simplest way to describe this is to ask if your advertising appears where your prospects are most likely to be. Advertising at The Online Ad Network makes sense for MLM professionals because our content is focused on the mlm industry, tools, training, and events. Ask yourself: Where are my potential prospects and customers most likely to be? If your offer appeals to folks interested in needlepoint, an ad on a scuba diving web site may not be your best choice.

No Real Offer I see a lot of advertising that has no real offer or incentive. I saw an ad, today that said, “Join ____________”. When I looked at the stats for the ad, I saw a lot of ad impressions and zero clicks. The ad would have been much more effective if it had listed a benefit or two. I get that you want prospects to join your company. Your ad content should be focused on what they can expect from your company.

No Capture Page Once you have an ad that people are clicking on, if you are taking them directly to a sales or registration page, you are missing out on sales. Instead, promote a capture page that gives a little more information, offers even more info, a sample, etc… and captures their name and email for follow up. Successful mlm professionals are constantly focused on building their lists. An autoresponder is a great way to get that done.

No Call To Action We assume that since we are running an ad, people know what to do to learn more. They don’t. I have seen my own results improve dramatically by adding a simple call to action such as “Click Here To Learn More”.

No Split Run Testing One of the big reasons folks think advertising doesn’t work is because they don’t do enough testing. We run and ad and we “think” it’s good. I have people asking me, all the time, “Do you think this ad will work?”. I have no idea! Sometimes, ads that I think will crush it fall flat. Other times, ads that I think are weak will generate great results. The only way to know for sure is to do split run testing.

To avoid common advertising mistakes, be sure you:

Run your ads in an appropriate environment. (Where your potential customers are)

Make sure your ad shows the benefits your prospects can expect.

Direct all your clicks to a capture page to build your list.

Provide a clear call to action.

Conduct split run testing.

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